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Thread: Mc Donnell V's Eastwood.

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    Default Mc Donnell V's Eastwood.

    A leadership challenge within the SDLP is to be voted on later this month at their annual conference in Armagh.

    Alistair Mc Donnell oozes confidence in retaining his leadership, well he certainly says so often when the issue is raised that he is ''confident'' he'll retain the position.

    I've nothing personal against Alistair, in fact i don't vote for the party so you might ask what's it to me who wins the leadership role.

    There's something about the politics of the North that needs a change in my opinion and i'm all for vibrant young minds coming to the fore in each and every party.

    Out with the old and in with the new one might say. There's a generation coming through in politics post Good Friday Agreement and i'd be most interested to hear their side. Keeping them from the fore is a missed opportunity to find out what's really at the heart of that generation in the here and now.

    I'm all for Colum Eastwood, he has a wise head on young shoulders and wish him well for the future. Be interesting to hear what both men have to say at the annual conference in the race for leadership.
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    Default Re: Mc Donnell V's Eastwood.

    Mr Eastwood brought his campaign throughout the North campaigning under the slogan, “Make the change for our future”.

    He argued the SDLP needed “a new generation to take forward not only the party, but the future direction of the country”.

    He said he wanted to pursue “a new brand of progressive nationalism” that was based on “radical and realistic proposals and policies for a better future”.

    Mr Eastwood said he believed “deeply in a united Ireland”. He said as leader the SDLP would “set out exactly what a new united Ireland will look like, and set about convincing all the people of Ireland of the value of our convictions”.


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