Labour are like Labour in Ireland, suppose to represent the working class but serve the interests of the capitalist elite. Traditionally the party of the left they are now more to the centre than the left where they were. A difference may have been made if Yitzhak Rabin had survived and not been assisinated. They did support the Oslo accords and brought Israel into line with an expansion of welfare programmes in the sixties/seventies. They failed in the 2000s as members heavily criticised them for heavy support of businesses. The rest of the Israeli left is a rag tag group. The rest of the Israeli left...
Peace Now supports territorial concessions in the West Bank and was critical of government's policy in withdrawing from Lebanon after the 1982-6 war and the subsequent withdrawal from South Lebanon.

Geneva Initiative and The People's Voice (HaMifkad HaLeumi), two peace initiatives led by prominent Israeli and Palestinian public figures that surfaced in 2004. These initiatives were based on unofficial bilateral understandings between the two sides, and offer models for a permanent agreement.

HaHistadrut ("The Union"; short for "the General Union of the Workers in Israel"), an umbrella organization for many labor unions in Israel. In the past, was identified with the different forms of the Israel Labor party; nowadays, the chairman of the Histadrut is Offer Eyni. The former chairman Amir Peretz became head of the socialist One Nation party, which eventually merged into Labor in 2004, which Peretz led from November 2005 to June 2007.

Several radical left-wing organizations calling soldiers to refuse service in the West Bank and Gaza; the best known are Ometz LeSarev ("Courage to Refuse") and Yesh Gvul (There's a limit/border).
Ma'avak Sotzialisti (Socialist Struggle) campaigns against privatisation and the worsening conditions faced by workers and young people in Israel.
What happened to them?