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Thread: Irish National Union of the Unemployed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew49 View Post
    You must be a young fellow Newsy. Fianna Fail actually think they're doing a great job - and think that they've always been doing a great job. Back bone doesn't come into it - you don't need a back bone to take from the poor, the low-waged, the blind, the sick - all that's required is a brass neck. The same kind of brass neck that was de rigueur in the world of the bankers and developers. If you asked or pleaded with the FF frontbench to 'have a heart' they'd laugh in your face.

    I remember the 80s - apparently it was worse then - statistically maybe but the misery then was actually less than now! Today I detect more anger and from surprising sources. Yesterday when I was picking up my son from school I was chatting with an old friend - and he hasn't a political bone in his body (his own description) - and he was praising the 'paint your harney' incident.

    When I say 'he hasn't a political bone in his body', I mean he's voted Fianna Fail all his life as he never had time for 'ideology' so never took any notice of any of the other parties or their policies. But now it's different, his business is suffering - he works in the private health area - and he's angry. I think he thought he bought FF's loyalty with his vote ever GE and local election - now he knows different.
    I wish I were that young, Andrew49. My 'naivety' maybe mistaken for youth.

    You have said that ff think they are doing a great job. They (on mass) don't.

    Was speaking to a neighbour who 'supports' ff. My said neighbour was speaking to one of the ff politicians in this constituency, recently. The politician stated that there are 10/12 in ff who are doing nothing for the country and it is 'no wonder' that they will be wiped out, come next election.

    ff politicians who are meeting their constituents must surely know the grief that is being visited. How can they try and deal with the difficulties of these people on one hand, and on the other keep in power those who are the cause of such misery.

    For the past 2 years, the country is screaming for leadership. And my God, we truly need it. However, we also need compassion and empathy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C. Flower View Post
    Half the people in the country are still better off than they've ever been.

    When the IMF comes in, the middle class will be decimated. People who were sure they would go to college will not be able to go. The country will split down the middle.
    Will that be the price they pay for pacifism? For buying in to the propaganda that it's all the fault of the teachers and librarians and anyone on welfare? It might seem a bizarre concept but a bit of solidarity would've been nice over the last 18months. First they came for the disabled....

    PS. this is an "Organisation " not union.

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