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Thread: Peoples news issue no. 106 date: 22 – 6 – 14

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    Default Peoples news issue no. 106 date: 22 – 6 – 14

    PEOPLES NEWS ISSUE NO. 106 DATE: 22 – 6 – 14

    The latest issue of Peoples News

    Table of Contents below

    The PEOPLES NEWS contains commentary on developments in the EU from an Irish and democratic perspective

    Back issues over 10 years are available from the website

    Find us on Facebook for events and more information

    List of Contents Peoples News issue 106
    P 1. EU democracy and transparency to be decided by … a secret ballot- Election of the President of the Commission

    P 1. Israel signs lucrative EU research deal
    - They are not JUST included in the Eurovision - Israel is to have the same access as EU member-states to grants

    P 2. The world’s largest trade union demands a halt to TTIP negotiations
    - The German IG Metall (Industrial Union of Metalworkers) issues a statement

    P 2. EU board says banking industry is too bloated
    - The European Systemic Risk Board issues a report

    P 3. Spaniards are still indignant!
    - Reportage on the “Indignants”

    P 4. EU ministers give biotech companies a say on GM crops
    - Proposed new law would grants Monsanto unprecedented power

    P 4. Somebody is getting the message!
    - EU commissioner for Social Affairs says Austerity not working !

    P 5. Posted workers get the chop!
    - Information on the Posted Workers Directive

    P 6. A missed opportunity
    - An outline of the govt plan for Euro collapse

    P 7. Defensive rights for national parliaments needed
    - onetime German President of Germany Roman Herzog on over-regulation from Brussels

    P 7. Financial services off the table more on our ongoing coverage of the TTIP
    - leaked draft of the EU’s first offer to the United States on Financial Service sector

    P 8. Publishers, booksellers and writers warn about new library procurement strategy
    - New EU rules on public procurement will damage book industry

    P 9. Behind closed doors at the bail-out fund
    - Info on the European “stability” mechanism

    P 11. New book on the legal challenge to the ESM by Thomas Pringle TD
    - Analysis by Étienne de Lhoneux and Christos Vassilopoulos, of the ruling of the
    European Court of Justice in the Pringle case

    P 12. EU grants €113 million subsidy for shale gas
    - Strong condemnation by environmental campaigners of new EU research fund that invites shale gas firms to apply for subsidies

    P 12. Fisheries deal not so great
    - Simon Coveney’s much heralded deal on Irish fisheries teased out

    P 13 Austria, Hungary and Luxembourg’s “coastal communities” benefit too!
    - figures for EU inland states !
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    Sss-hh. Don’t mention the lack of sovereignty in the Irish state.
    The acknowledgement of the 1916 Rising by the Establishment and its nauseating, craven lackeys is simply a political convenience devoid of any real meaning!

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