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Thread: Cork ( Peoples Republic !)

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    Peoples Republic of Cork

    Default Cork ( Peoples Republic !)

    Between Cork City and County there are 86 local authority seats, the government party hold 23,FG 21 Lab 2, I wonder where that will leave government funding "largesse", and will these councils pass government imposed budgets...interesting times ahead in Cork....whats it like in other councils ?

    City mayor (lord mayor ,me hole!!!)will also be interesting as the mayoral pact from previous times will not hold now....or will some of the "independants" suck up to FG,FF for some funds for their areas, or pet projects... SF have already said they will not enter any pact with anyone, though I think the thought of a SF mayor in 2016 might change their minds, first SF mayor since Terence McSwiney...must be tempting !
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    Quote Originally Posted by yi25 View Post
    lord mayor ,me hole!!!
    I love it!

    You’re dead right, though. Feudal nonsense

    Good summation. I’m clueless as to politics in Cork.
    Sss-hh. Don’t mention the lack of sovereignty in the Irish state.
    The acknowledgement of the 1916 Rising by the Establishment and its nauseating, craven lackeys is simply a political convenience devoid of any real meaning!


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