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    Independents Together: Information

    Independents Together is a voluntary non-party organisation set up to encourage ordinary people from all walks of life to run as independent candidates in all counties.

    The only way to break the disastrous cycle of Civil War politics and return power to the people who pay the bills, is to see as many independents as possible elected to Councils and to the Dáil.

    • Independents Together (the organisation) does not subscribe to political ideologies of left, right or centre.
    • Independents Together candidates shall uphold basic principles, such as, a commitment to democracy, accountability, equality, transparency and to fundamental humanitarian principles which put the quality of life of every citizen as a top priority.
    • Anti-pylon candidates, anti-fracking candidates as well as all other sectors and groups who feel powerless to influence decisions which directly affect their lives are encouraged to put forward candidates.
    • All major problems in Ireland are political at their core and the only solutions have to be political ones.
    • We call on voters to elect independent candidates in large numbers and put control of Government spending in the hands of the people who pay the taxes.
    • If elected, Independents Together candidates retain their independent status and are answerable and accountable only to the electorate and not to any party or organisation.


    While saying that they don't have a political stance, they do have an economic programme albeit limited and vague.

    Independents Together: Synopsis of social and economic policies

    (a)To achieve a political voice for people who feel abandoned and disillusioned by traditional party politics. Independents Together is a unique concept in the development of democratic politics.
    METHOD: IT will act as an umbrella for Independent candidates on issues, such as, a better health service, urban disadvantage, unemployed, equality in education, negative equity victims, rural issues, disabilities, small and medium business enterprises, Banking, protecting our constitution, etc. Candidates representing general issues are also welcome.
    IT is not hung up on political ideologies of left, right or centre. The only commitment asked of candidates is a commitment to democracy and equity, and to our humanitarian principles which put the quality of life of all citizens as a top priority.
    (b) Accountability and transparency will be mandatory; all candidates will be working together to an agreed principled agenda. There is strength in unity.
    (c) IT will decide which potential candidates it will accept and support. If elected to public office IT representatives will be responsible and accountable directly to the electorate not to any organisation
    (d) No whip will be applied if candidates are elected. Following discussions on important issues, elected members will be free to follow their own judgement without fear of sanction.

    (e ) The Economy: A state of financial emergency would be declared at the first opportunity to reflect and deal with the reality of Ireland’s catastrophic economy.
    (f) Public Service pay: Super salaries paid to all top civil and public servants would end. A total re-balancing of public spending is urgently needed. Referendums would be held to let the people decide salaries of politicians, judges and the President. Salaries of elected Councillors, TDs, Ministers, and Senators would be calculated according to an agreed formula bench marked against the national wage.
    (g ) An element of debt write- down of mortgage arrears (for example, the negative equity portion of all mortgages entered into during the boom period): This is essential in the national interest to prevent financial melt- down of the economy.
    “ We cannot withdraw our cards from the game. Were we as silent and mute as stones, our very passivity would be an act. ”
    — Jean-Paul Sartre

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    Default Re: - Formerly the Irish Citizens Party

    Another electoral vehicle :
    (d) No whip will be applied if candidates are elected. Following discussions on important issues, elected members will be free to follow their own judgement without fear of sanction.
    But that's okay. Cause after the elections, when things become about other than single issues, the more experienced socialist types will be around to lend their alleged experience to lead the flock into government.

    Course then the real problems will start. Once the, "whattawe do now?" phase commences. Things will seem to get better during the justification phase or the "We spent all our intellectual currency on buying the tickets into this place, after FG and Labour burnt it to the ground" justification, as it's known elsewhere.

    The Dáil is the problem. Filling it with people will not fix it, it will exacerbate it.

    That said, if it did happen, it'd be an improvement. Would it be a dramatic improvement? There'd be lots of drama...


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