Tony Catney's (TC) address at the Ard Fheis outlining the Societies politics. I think he outlines what we're about brilliantly. Also, note he mentions the fact about the outgoing officer board as nobody can hold a position longer than three years within the Societies, which for me sums up the internal democracy of the Societies and that we've learned the mistakes of the past with people staying in the one position too long. Riposte made a jibe about an Ard Fheis every month. It's not, it's a meeting where members, with no head table in the room, it's everyone in a circle around the room as equals, discussing the way forward and also raising any concerns or changes they'd like to see.

I don't see what is wrong with this. We trust our membership and empower them to be apart of a collective. It's the way forward imo.