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Thread: Aircraft leasing coming back to Shannon?

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    Default Aircraft leasing coming back to Shannon?

    Interesting article on Reuters

    I wonder if there will be any job creation from this? The Shannon area could use a boost

    SHANNON, Ireland, Jan 19 (Reuters) - Twenty years after the spectacular collapse of Irish tycoon Tony Ryan's plane leasing empire, the Emerald Isle has restored its grip on the world's aircraft fleet with a mega-merger that could pave the way for a wave of multi-billion-dollar IPOs.

    The $5 billion takeover of U.S. leasing giant ILFC by AerCap , a firm that emerged from the ruins of Ryan's pioneering Guinness Peat Aviation (GPA), is set to send ownership of its fleet of 1,000 jets to Shannon, a small town in the west of Ireland where GPA pioneered the plane leasing industry in the 1980s.

    Yet Ireland's rebirth looks set to whet the appetite of aircraft financiers holding their own mini-Davos gathering in Dublin this week.

    Their industry is basking in greater market recognition in the wake of the purchase of ILFC and is at last supported by robust profits at many airlines after years of restructuring and adjustment to high oil prices.

    While AerCap's corporate headquarters is in the Netherlands, it manages its fleet in Ireland, which remains the industry hub, thanks to what many say is an unrivalled web of international tax agreements, a low corporate tax rate and world-leading aviation financing expertise.
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    Default Re: Aircraft leasing coming back to Shannon?

    Enda addressed the air finance conference this morning.
    Irish and US aircraft leasing business GECAS has placed an order for 40 Boeing737s with a list price of nearly $4bn (€3bn).
    The order comes as Taoiseach Enda Kenny prepares to address a major annual international air finance conference in Dublin this morning. The event, held annually in the capital, draws senior aviation executives from all over the world
    This week, the Irish Stock Exchange also said it was launching a dedicated exchange for aviation debt listings.
    There are already 26 aviation-related debt instruments listed on ISE markets, with a total value of $12.7bn.

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    Default Re: Aircraft leasing coming back to Shannon?

    Last year I did some research on foreign companies that had received IDA money and was surprised at the number in the aircraft biz, about 12 IIRC, mostly in the engine maintenance area, but I think two or three in leasing also.

    When GPA collapsed the big winner was Steven Udvar Hazy founder of ILFC. He donated $65M to fund a new annex to the Air & Space Museum (world's busiest) named after him. Coulda been Tony Ryan. He later sold ILFC to AIG who got an $85B bailout in 2008.
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