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Thread: Fianna Fail Limerick Selections Somewhat Fraught

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    Default Fianna Fail Limerick Selections Somewhat Fraught

    Fianna Fail Limerick selections have been fraught.

    Party headquarters imposed three out of the five candidates.

    Fury - walkouts - demand for recount
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    Default Re: Fianna Fail Limerick Selections Somewhat Fraught

    Willie O'Dea is involved - what would you expect?

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    Default Re: Fianna Fail Limerick Selections Somewhat Fraught

    Always going to happen....
    September 30th:
    FIANNA Fail can gain council seats in Limerick next May despite the overall number of councillors being reduced from 45 to 40 through amalgamation, according to Micheal Martin.An upbeat party leader said that while headquarters “will not interfere” with the selection of candidates, leaving that to the grassroots, the party reserved the right to add candidates if they feel the ticket needs strengthening in a particular area.
    “We are looking for gains in Limerick. Coming into it, we are strong in the county but very weak in the city. I know Willie O’Dea and Niall Collins have been sounding out new and emerging candidates with a view to gaining seats so I would be hopeful we would gain seats in Limerick - but a precise number we don’t yet have,” said Deputy Martin


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