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Thread: US Attempts to Destabilise Venezuela Post Chavez

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    Default US Attempts to Destabilise Venezuela Post Chavez

    How the US was aiming to divide Venezuela - 2004 - using NGOs in much the same way as in Bolivia including "Human Rights Lawyers." Non-violent measures only are mentioned here, but the scale of the operation and its clear intent to bring down an elected government is striking.

    Recently released secret cables fromwikileaks have indicated high level interference by the US government in the affairs of Venezuela. A “S E C R E T SECTION 01 OF 04 CARACAS 003356 ” in the US Embassy in Caracas was charged with carrying out the following objectives in another sovereign democratic state
    ”In August of 2004, Ambassador outlined the country team’s 5 point strategy to guide embassy activities in Venezuela for the period 2004 ) 2006 (specifically, from the referendum to the 2006 presidential elections). The strategy’s focus is: 1) Strengthening Democratic Institutions, 2) Penetrating Chavez’ Political Base, 3) Dividing Chavismo, 4) Protecting Vital US business, and 5) Isolating Chavez internationally”.
    The cable details how the US had made available ” financial support upwards of $15 million” for the purpose of achieving its objectives. The cable gives detail of US financial support for many NGO’s including “Freedom House” [received $1.1 million] which describes itself as “an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom around the world”. Simultaneously through “Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI), OTI had also provided 22 grants to human rights organizations, totaling $726,000″.
    The cable marked ‘secret’ clearly illustrates its ambition to demonize Chavez internationally and also raises serious questions about the ‘independent’ nature of many NGO’S.
    This gives details of a soft, cultural war, in which systematic "vocabulary" changes are fostered, for example, by NGOs, amongst many other measures.
    Possibly the most illuminating of the wikileaks that I've read.
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