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Thread: The things people stick on lampposts thread.

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    How not to make friends and influence people, South Circular Road:


    How to get people to not sit on your bench, Finglas. FFS! Give the old folk a plain green traditional bench to sit on. Don't embarrass them away by calling it a bleeden "Buddy Bench".



    Hurry while stocks last. Great add by Butlers Tyres Harold's Cross.


    It's a REAL GHOST! But this one looks friendly, Dartry Rd.


    Animal Liberation / Human Liberation, near Bushy Park.


    This is my left hand:

    Until recently I thought the single crease across the palm was just a curiosity. Like my ability to wriggle my ears, together or one at a time.
    That was until it was mentioned in a book I was reading ("I am Pilgrim" by Terry Hays. Don't bother, its not that good).

    It seems it is a fusion of the head and heart line and is used as a diagnostic tool to identify babys with various syndromes including Downs Syndrome. It is commonly associated with such syndromes but is very unusual otherwise, and I venture to say it is even more rarer in the ear waggling community.

    It is called a Simian Crease and is so called because all Monkey, Chimpanzee and Apes hands have that crease, a fact which my better half says "explains a lot", whatever that is supposed to mean!

    I am sure you are dying to hear more about my ear-waggling talent. Well my most memorable performance was over 30 years ago now.
    My soon to be better half and I were in a Gaelic speaking music playing group of her friends, and being neither Gaelic speaking or music playing I was beginning to feel somewhat inadequate. I suppose it must have been the Guinness that made me think that what was needed to make the evening complete was a display of ear waggling complimented by my minor talents of eyebrow raising (think of Spock on speed) lip curling and a challenge to the stunned gathering to " lets see ya best that"!
    Luckily our relationship survived and after I promised never to unveil any other hidden talents without first checking with her she did admit my display was impressive in a surreal sort of way.
    Well I think that is more than enough for now........but I bet by now you have all checked your palms and tried to wriggle your ears.

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    Default Re: The things people stick on lampposts thread.

    Lovely collection... particularly like the smiley blob. My eyes hurt after looking at the Buddy Bench,
    “ We cannot withdraw our cards from the game. Were we as silent and mute as stones, our very passivity would be an act. ”
    — Jean-Paul Sartre

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