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Thread: The things people stick on lampposts thread.

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    Default The things people stick on lampposts thread.

    Having recently completed my collection of eastern European egg cartons my better half suggested that I find a more "Sensible" hobby. I ask you!! Anyway, to keep her happy I have taken up photoing things that people stick or stencil onto lampposts, bins, postboxes, walls or whatever. Now I know you might find this hard to believe, but she is still not impressed.
    Women are a complete mystery no doubt about it.
    Anyway, if you see something interesting, funny or artistic on a lamppost where you are, post it here and share it with the world. Of course posting something here does not mean you agree with it, so don't be afraid to post far right sh*t. Forewarned is forearmed
    Stuff from anywhere in the world wellcome, maybe with a translation if necessary.

    I suggest not posting the all to frequent appeals for information about missing people. There is a missing persons thread and including them here among with some frivolous stuff may cause offence.

    SOOOOOOO HERE IT IS! In Dublin, Spring 2013 these are the.......

    Things people stick on lampposts.

    Never Forget:

    We have lots of Irish lampposts in Dublin

    And we have the occasional foreign lamppost:

    Éire Bocht= poor Ireland. But what has yer wan got to do with the price of chips?

    Like wtf?

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