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Thread: Dr. John O'Connell has died.

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    Default Dr. John O'Connell has died.

    Former Labour and Fianna Fail TD, Minister for Health and Ceann Comhairle, Dr. John O'Connell has died.

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    Default Re: Dr. John O'Connell has died.

    Interesting that he would find a home in Fianna Fail after rows with the Labour leadership. Apparently he and - was it Noel Browne? - wanted to legislate for contraception and family planning or at least get the Labour Party to discuss. The Labour Party didn't want to know, didn't want to discuss contraception, or discuss family planning.
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    Default Re: Dr. John O'Connell has died.

    I only met him once. He was handing out delegate cards from paper branches for a Labour conference back in Michael O'Leary's day and he handed me one, thus getting me inside the hall.

    He was always a bit of an enigma. I do not know why he fell out with Labour, or why he fell in with Haughey. Hopefully some articles will now be published telling us more about him.


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