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Thread: Are controls needed on online gambling and its advertising?

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    Default Are controls needed on online gambling and its advertising?

    I have noticed on a lot of channels a growing number of ads regarding online gambling. On some of the more fringe channels the online gambling ads appear to have hit ludicrous proportions. I was watching one of the smaller channels last night and found that every single ad run in a half hour segment was for online gambling. Every. Single. One. It actually got annoying. I found myself saying out loud when yet another ad break in the film started with yet another gambling ad "oh for *** sake, not a fuking again."

    The problem is something that we have a broader problem in society. Past generations lived in a world where verification of safety and trustworthiness was easier to achieve. You knew people who had used a service before and could vouch for it reliability. Or you bought something in a shop that was made in the locality and local gossip would soon spread if someone was fiddling. As society urbanised, direct personal relationships between the consumer and supplier were no longer always possible. In the 19th century, cholera spread around Fitzwilliam Square because the food and milk supplied was no longer local and some conmen were delivering watered down milk and diseased meat. The only families around the square to avoid getting it were those, a reasonable number, who still got their own milk from cows they kept and meat from pigs, chickens and cattle they kept in their back gardens of the houses.

    The horsemeat scandal in Europe happened in the 21st century because the food chain became so complicated that even the people at the end manufacturing product had not been able to know what exactly was in the 'beef' they were supplying.

    The trouble with online gambling is that it is even less regulated than the food supply. Companies set up in various states with various legal restrictions, then advertise on television stations that broadcast to many states, often finding stations that are deliberately based outside major states to get around state-wide rules on advertising.

    The trouble is that while for some gambling is a perfectly safe pass-time, for others it is an addition which can consume all their income and leave them and their family in an extreme state. In the past, local bookies used to spot people with serious addiction problems and I know of cases where all bookies in a town would refuse to take bets from one man with a notorious addition that was causing havoc for his family. But on the internet there are no such personal contracts.

    Nor are there high standards of verification for all outlets.

    So you have a clientele there to be exploited by advertising and given access to websites with little verification of their honesty and no way of telling the problem gambler from the casual one apart. It is a recipe for exploitation.

    I had noticed in the last year or two these ads proliferating, but this year they seem to be reaching ludicrous levels on some channels. Maybe it is time an EU-wide control framework was put in place. We have seen in far too many other areas where exploitation flourished when local connection to service provision was replaced by mass market provision and states failed to put in place adequate regulation. It seems to me the spectacular growth in gambling advertising may herald the arrival of another area of exploitation courtesy of ineffective regulation.
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    Default Re: Are controls needed on online gambling and its advertising?

    Please no. New fish are constantly needed as the old ones go broke or wise up.
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    Default Re: Are controls needed on online gambling and its advertising?

    Damning expose of Paddy Power's use of FOBT's from the Guardian.
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    Default Re: Are controls needed on online gambling and its advertising?

    The only way you can get banned from a betting office is by winning too much.

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    Default Re: Are controls needed on online gambling and its advertising?



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