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Thread: Prospect of Invasion of Syria

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Lord View Post
    If you had read the article you would have understood how they did this instead of posting *bs.
    No I hadn't, as I didn't think I needed to in order to dismiss it. Now I have and I was absolutely right.

    "For security reasons, the FFM was unable to visit Khan Shaykhun." And just why would that be? If things were exactly as al-Nusra portrayed them, they would have welcomed the FFM with open arms.

    Nor is there any mention of the repeated invitations from the Syrian government to visit the military base from which the flight came.

    In American jurisprudence, there is a basic concept called "chain of custody." All of the evidence used by the OPCW to determine this passed through the hands of al-Nusra first. And all eyewitness witnesses were likely carefully selected by al-Nusra. (And just what were those samples allegedly provided by the Syrian government, which of course is not in Khan Sheykhoun? A clever bit of disinformation to confuse the readers.)

    Did the Syrian pilot who conducted the air raid drop Sarin on Khan Sheykhoun? Perhaps. But this basically worthless report tells us nothing. It has all the earmarks of a report whose conclusions were written before the investigation began, whose purpose was to confirm them. No wonder the Russians don't want to support a "JIM" with the same mandate.


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    Quote Originally Posted by A Marxist Historian View Post
    Well, not quite. The latest from the Trumpistas is that the Syrian regime, trembling in fear of Trump, has called off the Syrian gas attack they had planned, and Trump has celebrated another victory.

    They slaver all right, but the bark seems louder than the bite. After that Syrian plane was shot down, and the Russians announced that they would be targeting any US planes thenceforth flying over Syrian government territory, that seems to have had as it were a bracing effect.

    Meanwhile the Syrian regime has thoroughly won the race for the border, totally blocking the "Syrian rebels" from any share of the deflating ISIS pie. Not only that, but the Assad forces have blocked any further progress south by the US paratrooperss at the Tabqadam west of Raqqah, and now that ISIS has abandoned East Aleppo, they will likely soon move to block Raqqah from the south also.

    And the Syrian rebels are trying a truly desperate last throw, namely an attempted advance on Damascus more or less from the Golan Heights, directly aided by the Israeli airforce bombing the Syrian army. Even that has gotten nowhere basically.


    The alignment of some opposition militias with Israel/ the IDF is getting more and more blatant.
    “ We cannot withdraw our cards from the game. Were we as silent and mute as stones, our very passivity would be an act. ”
    — Jean-Paul Sartre

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