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Some very odd stuff taking place in East Aleppo that I have no explanation for.

The As-Sadists are gobbling up huge amounts of territory south of Al Bab from ISIS virtually uncontested even though this has pretty much besieged the Daesh in Al Bab and adjoining areas they still hold. At the same time the Daesh are defending Al Bab from the FSA tooth and nail.

Rumours now swirling on the internet that Tadif will be evacuated by ISIS and their HQ and fighters relocated to the centre of Al Bab. In this case the As_sadists would get Tadif on a platter. These are just rumours so far, of course ...

At the same time, and even more puzzling, the campaign by the FAS/TKF to take Al Bab has virtually ground to a halt in recent days. I know that every building in the place is IED'd and that there are extensive tunnel networks, etc. etc. but still ... they should be making greater progress.

Something very funny is going on ....
Heh. I have no trouble accounting for the successes of the Syrian military and the failures of the "FSA."

If ISIS takes seriously the Turkish/Russian boundary line running between Tadif and Al Bab, it is only sensible on their part to withdraw from fighting the Syrian army, since the Russians apparently now don't want the Syrians to take Al Bab, and concentrate on bashing the feeble "FSA." Of course, ISIS would be gambling that the Syrians will do what the Russians tell them, but that's the only practical way they could actually hang on to Al Bab at this point.