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DoJ is investigating claims that penalty points have been wiped from the licences of the great and the good. A whistleblower compiled a dossier of over 50,000 cases where point shave been dropped including at least two judges, prominent sportspersons, number of Gardai and an RTÉ presenter

Indo says

It is unclear whether these people sought to have their points quashed or if a garda wrote them off on their own initiative.

In at least nine cases highlighted in the dossier, a motorist who had their points quashed went on to be involved in a fatal road-traffic accident.
and 'Garda sources'

"What the material suggests is that this is a cultural issue within the force – something that has become custom and practice over the years, but is only now coming to light."
No doubt measures will soon be taken to address an issue that could seriously undermine the force at time when they will be resisting budget cuts in the name of road safety.


365 in 2006;
338 in 2007;
279 in 2008;
238 in 2009;
212 in 2010;
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