An ammended Irish stew with a twist....


Four carrots
Baby Potatoes - small bag
One onion
One stick of celery
1lb diced beef
Table spoon of flour
BBQ Sauce
4 Oxo stock cubes
Boiling water
1 Tsp of the each of the following
-CHilli powder
- Rosemary
Balsamic Vinegar

Cut potatoes in half and place in bowl of water in microwave for ten mins to soften. Chop carrots, onions and celery.
Mix oxo stock cubes in bowl , add flour (normal but I tend to use corn flour) and keep aside.
Brown the beef in a pan.
Combine beef,oxo mixture, veg and potatoes in grease proof dish. Add herbs and spices along with three table spoons of BBQ Sauce and Balsamic vinegar. Serve with warm soda bread

My mouth is watering here...