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Thread: Foreign-Funded NGOs in Russia are "Foreign Agents" - New Law

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    Default Foreign-Funded NGOs in Russia are "Foreign Agents" - New Law

    The number of Soros-funded, Ford Foundation-funded and similar NGOs globally must number many thousands.

    The Russian Government has introduced a new law deeming these NGOs "Foreign Agents."

    I recently met an apparently very sincere journalist working on a Soros/Ford funded blog in the belief that he was ''índependent.'

    There is ample evidence of these NGOs being involved with attempts that they undoubtedly consider worthy to destabilise or overthrow governments.

    The "colour revolutions" benefited liberally from this type of support, as do elements of the Iranian opposition for example.

    Are the Russian's right, or are they trampling on Human Rights ?

    Under the bill, foreign-funded NGOs involved in politics will also have to undergo financial audits and issue twice-yearly reports on their activities.

    Failure to comply will be punishable by heavy fines or even a two-year prison sentence.


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    Default Re: Foreign-Funded NGOs in Russia are "Foreign Agents" - New Law

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    Default Re: Foreign-Funded NGOs in Russia are "Foreign Agents" - New Law

    Putin is right to keep these under very close scrutiny.

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    Default Re: Foreign-Funded NGOs in Russia are "Foreign Agents" - New Law

    Probably right- there are a plethora of funded NGOs out there which are effectively clearing houses and subterranean lobby groups.

    I recall a few years back an outburst in the east about the British Councils abroad- that they were operating as spies. While I would imagine that they are in fact cultural exchange organisations they are great cover for anyone operating with an agenda other than cultural exchange.

    There are all sorts of pressure and lobbying groups that are simply fronts for another agenda these days and something I've noticed in the last few years is that a charity or NGO is a great cover for hidden agendas.

    Ireland, as regards the charity sector, for example is a living joke as regards front organisations.

    I'm pretty certain that alongside worthy and deserving charities there are political funding organisations, channels for accepting and passing bribes, under-the-radar pressure groups and all sorts basically unregulated among the 7,500 organisations registered with the Revenue.
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