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Thread: Western Immigrant Bashing On the Rise in China

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    Default Western Immigrant Bashing On the Rise in China

    top Chinese Internet sites Baidu (BIDU) and the Twitter-like microblogging site Sina Weibo (“weibo” is the Chinese word used for microblog) launched a campaign “calling on Internet users to expose bad behavior by foreigners in China,” according to a report on the People’s Daily Online English website on May 18. “Foreign scumbags should go back to their countries. China is not the place for them to do everything they want,” the report quoted microblogger “yuxiaole” as writing.
    Last week, a top host for CCTV, China’s state-owned national television station, weighed in with comments on his blog that appear to support the public security campaign against law-breaking foreigners, but also referred to “foreign trash

    The Public Security Bureau wants to clean out the foreign trash: To arrest foreign thugs and protect innocent girls, they need to concentrate on the disaster zones in Wudaokou [student district] and Sanlitun [nightlife district],” the fluent English-speaking host Yang Rui, who is known for his interviews with foreign businessmen, politicians, and academics on CCTV’s English channel current affairs show Dialogue, wrote on his Sina Weibo account on May 16.

    “Cut off the foreign snake heads. People who can’t find jobs in the U.S. and Europe come to China to grab our money, engage in human trafficking, and spread deceitful lies to encourage emigration.

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    Default Re: Western Immigrant Bashing On the Rise in China

    These blue-eyed scum are going over there, taking good Chinese jobs. Also, European cooking stinks.

    Sending them back is the only language these whiteys understand.

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    hiding inside Brendan Gleesons underwear drawer...

    Default Re: Western Immigrant Bashing On the Rise in China

    oh more immigrant bashing threads , *sigh*

    Discrimination of anyone based on skin colour, stereotypes or anything else is not acceptable full stop.
    History is the only true teacher, the revolution the best school for the proletariat - Rosa Luxembourg


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