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    MS Stubnitz Lands At Bloc 2012

    Just when we thought Bloc 2012 was at capacity for sheer awesomeness, they’ve gone and added “2,541 tonnes of ex-Communist nautical mayhem” into the mix.

    We all know about Bloc’s switch from Minhead Butlins to the London Pleasure Gardens for 2012, but details on how they are going to utilise the 60,000 square meteres of waterside docklands, have remained pretty scarce.

    We were simply told that there would be totally new, purpose-bulit, hi-spec venues – some on land and some floating on water. Well it turns out the “floating on water” part is the Motor Ship Stubnitz, a deep-sea fishing vessel that belonged to the German Democratic Republic before the collapse of Communist regime in the country in late 80′s. “She is 80 metres in length and weighs 2,541tonnes. A team of forward-thinking artists and engineers have converted it into a moving platform for the sonic and visual arts.” This is truly one of the most exciting venues we have ever seen.

    The owner of the boat, Urs Blaser (‘Blo’), is a Swiss-born sonic artist who, via a series of complicated negotiations, took possession of the Stubnitz in 1992 and quickly set to work to convert the vessel.

    To hear the full story of the MS Stubnitz, check out the short documentary...
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