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Thread: wall and gutter gardens

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    Default wall and gutter gardens

    Even with limited space, some people get great results. I think the photo below is from the US

    This inspired me to grow legumes in a similar fashion, and between my work and the sheer hassle, peas and beans are not worth all the work with the stakes and poles.
    So, on the above photo - having some old guttering handy I fixed it onto the outside of a shoring board

    Using the fence for support and concentrating on climbing green beans and mange tout to avoid all the shelling etc.
    I plan to plant both sides of the fence to see how the plants do.

    I have a SE facing sheltered wall. This year I am going to try hanging baskets for tomato - trying a few different varieties to see which works best in our climate.
    Behind the trellis - which will be used to grow gherkins and squash, is just some ground cover to proted the paintwork and absorb more heat into the wall

    Knocking up some boxes to place the gherkin and squash plants, will also incorporate delicate herbs like basil and corriander.

    Hope it all works, but it goes to show even with limited space you can produce quite substancial amounts of food.
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