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    Default [STRIKE]It's a Shoe In [/STRIKE]Appointment Process

    Namawinelake has taken a look at a Nama Board appointment.

    The closing date for applications was 6th March 2012

    The total number of applications received was 24

    The appointment was made 7th March 2012

    Which does not give a great deal of time for reviewing the applications, interviewing, verifying CVs and checking references.

    John Mulcahy, Nama Head of Asset Management, was one of those appointed.

    Namawinelake puts it down to Nama's world class staff.

    No criticism of Mulcahy, but the process does not look reputable.

    You’ll recall that on 23rd February, 2012 the Department of Finance put on its website what must have been the most unappetising job vacancies you’ll ever see; there were two vacancies on the NAMA board arising from the departure of Peter Stewart in October 2011 and of Michael Connolly the following month. Expressions of interest were invited by the Department with a closing date for the receipt of applications of 6th March 2012. At midday on 7th March, 2012 Minister Noonan announced that one of the vacancies was filled by NAMA’s own head of asset management, John Mulcahy.

    So how many applications did the Department of Finance receive for the two vacancies? Thanks to a parliamentary question from Sinn Fein’s finance spokesperson, Pearse Doherty we got an answer on Tuesday last:

    “My Department received 6 applications by post and 18 applications via e-mail. The closing date for expressions of interest was 6 March 2012. John Mulcahy was appointed to the NAMA Board on 7 March 2012.”

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    Default Re: [STRIKE]It's a Shoe In [/STRIKE]Appointment Process

    Shoo in perhaps?

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