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Thread: Mugabe - "Fighting for Life in Singapore Hospital"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Lord View Post
    I think it is the tens of billions (mainly but not exclusively from diamonds) that Mugabe and his cronies have looted from the country while the people live in poverty that most find objectionable ... not land reform.
    I forgot to frame this with a comment last night. Too tired, but I can see it left the post sort of hanging.

    The reason I found it interesting was that it's a 'good news' story of a sort very rarely reported out of Zimbabwe, with only a cursory nod to the way most of the land was distributed to Mugabe's sidekicks. I was wondering who was behind it, and what the motivation might be. International (coffee and other) corporations preparing their run for when Mugabe finally goes, which can't be too long now?

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    With Mugabe once again rumoured to be close to death (*), will the left for once take responsibility and own up to their own role in creating this monster?

    "If you go far enough to either extreme of the political spectrum, Communist or fascist, you'll find hard-eyed men with guns who believe that anybody who doesn't think as they do should be incarcerated or exterminated. " - Jim Garrison, Former DA, New Orleans.

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