The ULA Conference is penciled in for late January. We have to work with the alliances we have and build them into the parties we want. Then, we should iron out the mechanisms by which motions are nominated, discussed and agreed to provide the ULA its own internal life, without which it is doomed to failure. This thread will together(ideally involving SP, SWP, PBP and others) concentrate composing a motion(s) related to : the party/alliance structure

Again, one of the main purposes of this initiative is for popular grassroots discussion to build the democratic party/alliance apparatus. The composition of a motion, getting it nominated and voted upon will do immeasurable good in building party protocol and structures. We have to learn to crawl before we can learn to run. We have to know how to propose and pass motions on leaflets before we can have motions on theories of permanent revolution.

Examples for pilot motions

"A central database of registered activists shall be securely compiled in time for a full delegates conference on the year anniversary of the first conference on 23 June."

"The central party apparatus shall take requests from branch secretaries to disseminate material passed on by activists to their branch across the national database in a regular bulletin."

"Dues shall not be asked of activists until elections are held on every level in the party."

"No activist shall undertake consecutive terms as a delegate or as a member of the steering committee."

"A constituent assembly, involving input from grassroots members of all components, including the nonaligned, shall put forward a party constitution for approval and amendment at the delegates conference on 23 June. It must be ready and circulated by 1 May."

"The steering committee shall empower a representative group to produce a monthly, popular, ULA freesheet."