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Thread: Cyber Warfare Now Official

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    Quote Originally Posted by TotalMayhem View Post
    I think, it was a ship's anchor, or so the story went.
    “ We cannot withdraw our cards from the game. Were we as silent and mute as stones, our very passivity would be an act. ”
    — Jean-Paul Sartre

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    A former senior Military Intelligence officer has questioned Ireland's readiness to deal with the fallout of the current tensions between European countries and Russia and the commitment at political level to strengthening the State's defences against hostile espionage activity.

    His remarks come as the Government has said Ireland will carry out a security assessment of Russian diplomats in Ireland with a view to possible further measures in the wake of the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the UK on 4 March.

    Former deputy director of Military Intelligence Michael Murphy raised concerns about Ireland's ability to carry out such an independent assessment.

    Speaking on RTÉ's This Week, the retired Lieutenant Colonel said: "That decision must be made on good information and good intelligence and you have to ask 'how good is our intelligence'?

    "We do not have a civilian intelligence agency. We have Military Intelligence and we have Garda Intelligence.

    "I'm hearing a lot that our European partners will be helping us as well in making that assessment. One has to understand that there is no such thing as a friendly foreign intelligence service - all intelligence services have a purpose and some foreign intelligence services have the purpose of the economic well being of their own country.

    "So you cannot depend on foreign intelligence agencies to help your decision."
    More here:
    "If you go far enough to either extreme of the political spectrum, Communist or fascist, you'll find hard-eyed men with guns who believe that anybody who doesn't think as they do should be incarcerated or exterminated. " - Jim Garrison, Former DA, New Orleans.

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