I have worked in the Community Sector for the past number of years. I am wittness to the incestuous boards, e.g. members sitting on several boards like partnershps, childcare committees, CDP's, Enterprise boards, VECs etc etc. Caring Committees I don't think, the board room tactics would put Merrill Lynch to shame, it's dog eat dog and it's about protecting ones own back and not about the Community they are meant to be representing. The sheer arrogance has to be experienced to be believed. The wastage is phenomenal, documents produced time and time again by different agencies but about the same subject, costing thousands. Staff are very well paid, and have great working conditions compared to alot of their private sector colleagues. But in the years I have worked in this sector Caring is not a word I would use for many of the boards. That is my opinion. I know for a fact that several million could be shaved from these agencies nationwide without a job shed, just by stopping the duplication and with more dedication and passion to their jobs. Shoot me down if you like but I experience this first hand every day.