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A friend of mine in Birmingham brought this to my attention. It concerns the case of a man called Gary Critchley , a young man whom was convicted on what was very much circumstantial evidence. As a young man he was a committed socialist and was kicked out of school for organising a mass walk out of students whom were seeking better rights. Over the years he dabbled in drugs but it is what happened to him one night that alarms me. He was found with bludgeon marks from a hammer and a broken back in a squat or outside a squat in London while another man upstairs had been attacked thirty times with a hammer. To make a long story short Gary Critchley was convicted of the murder even though there was none of the victims blood on both his person and on his clothing and the evidence used to convict him was circumstantial to say the least as they bolloxed up the forensics (apologies for the language but this is something I feel strongly about). A parole hearing has rejected his appeal in 1982 and a judge recommended he serve 7 to 8 years. 30 years on this man is still in jail "at her majesties pleasure" . This is one of the victims of society that has fallen through the cracks. Would ask people if they could share this with friends or make it known to others.


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Amazing story this. Clear case of a miscarriage of justice.

"England is a supposed model of democracy and justice, yet ironically I have so far been made to serve longer for being rebellious and non-conformist than the Yorkshire Ripper has for 13 serial Killings. Nowadays, painting is the only thing that keeps me alive." Gary Critchley

Just some of the many discrepancies include:

1. The prosecutor said that the hammer blow to Gary's own head- which caused him serious frontal lobe damage - must have been made by Gary himself, in a frenzy, as he carried out the savage attack on Mr McNeill. For that to be correct, however, Gary's injury, would have been caused by the claw end of the hammer – but his injury was the same as Mr. McNeill's, consistent with the round end of the hammer.

2. The only forensic evidence linking Gary to the attack was an undone training shoe – two to three sizes too small for him – jammed onto Gary's left foot, when found on the floor beneath the squat. On his other foot was one of his own laced-up boots which witnesses said he had been wearing that day. Footprints "exactly similar" to the print on the sole of the trainer were found in the flat, which the prosecutor argued showed Gary was in the room after McNeill was attacked and probably killed.

There was no blood on the sole of the boot and no boot print in the flat. There was no sign of his other boot. The prosecution's argument was that 'punks wore odd clothes like that' – even if it was far too small for his foot

3. Prosecutors relied on the fact that Gary had told police he did not remember going to the squat with Mr.McNeill, but then in a letter to friends written during his three months in hospital, (with memories recalled through conversations with visitors to him in hospital), he said he must have taken Mr. McNeill home and got drunk, and remembered opening the door and being struck. They said that Gary's claims of amnesia were bogus, despite frontal lobe damage causing gaps in memory.

4. The prosecution also made a feature of 'the fact' that that no-one else would have known how to have latched and unlatched the door of the squat. Contemporary writings and memoirs state that hundreds of people who'd used or visited the squats knew how to do this

5. How could Gary have bludgeoned a man almost 30 times, (to the extent that Mr. McNeill's body, when found, was drained of blood,) and been found with NOT ONE drop of that blood on him, tho he was covered in his own?

No longer jailed in relation to the original - and very unsafe - conviction. Gary is now detained at Rowan House, in Norfolk, as a result of attempts on his own life, to assess whether he as a personality disorder, and if so, how he will be 'looked after' within the system

Gary has become somewhat of a political prisoner: being punished over and over by a retributive system.

Source (http://westmidlandsagainstinjustice.webs.com/garrycrtichly.htm)

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Nothing has been done though by the govt to address the case. There was a big feature about it in Private Eye magazine even once they became aware of it. He had an appeal turned down last week, shame really they dont take into account he made have had a mistrial.

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BIRMINGHAM prisoner Gary Critchley has taken a step closer to freedom after being allowed to make an emotional visit to the family home he last saw in 1980 when he headed off to London. He was later found guilty of a murder he maintains he did not commit and has since spent the last 31 years in jail. A parole hearing will shortly decide whether Gary will finally be freed from prison. Crime Files looks at the case.

Read More http://www.birminghammail.net/news/crime-news/2011/09/29/from-the-archives-gary-s-hopes-hinge-on-a-parole-hearing-97319-29508519/#ixzz1aTirOoDB

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Just a message to say hope 2012 is Garys year. Want to bump this thread as a reminder. The British govt seem to be doing a nice in miscarriages of justice lately. Link above has a summary of the case.

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Thanks for keeping this visible, fb.

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Cheers. There is a facebook page also if anyone wants to join.


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Just a quick overview of the case.


Gary has been doing art work while he was in prison and has written poerty. Some nice links there :)

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Gary has a hearing tommorrow. Good luck to him :)

Could be freed :)


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Good news, Gary Critchley was released!