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C. Flower
04-08-2011, 01:24 PM


Merseyside Police's Matrix officers pose for a mobile phone camera during one of their raids
FIVE Merseyside Police Matrix officers were sacked on the spot by a disciplinary panel after taking mobile phone pictures of themselves fooling around inside a house they were supposed to be searching.

The ECHO revealed in May how eight Matrix officers were suspended from duty after the pictures came to light during an investigation into the actions of other members of the crack anti-gun anti-gang unit.

And after a three-month internal inquiry, which has already seen one sergeant sacked, the five constables caught on camera were given their marching orders yesterday.

The hearing headed by senior officers dismissed all five, without notice, having found them guilty of gross misconduct.

An investigation by the Professional Standards Department uncovered the incriminating photos as they probed separate allegations that some Matrix officers had been taking items from raided homes and putting them up for sale on internet auction site eBay.

Three officers, including the now-sacked Sgt Charlie Tennant, 43, were suspended over those allegations.

Tennant, who had 23 years police service, was also embroiled in the mobile phone scandal.

Now those with him in the pictures are also looking for new employment.

Two senior officers within Matrix were also suspended as part of the probe for failing to supervise the search team properly.

The ECHO understands one has been reinstated but the second remains suspended.

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Captain Con O'Sullivan
04-08-2011, 02:43 PM
hmm ... seems to be a real push on in the British police at the moment to get rid of messers.

'Cleveland Police's chief constable and his deputy continue to be questioned after their arrests in an inquiry into fraud and corruption allegations.

Chief Constable Sean Price and his deputy Derek Bonnard were held in the investigation being conducted by Warwickshire Police.

Former force solicitor Caroline Llewellyn was also arrested and has been bailed pending further inquiries. Mr Price and Mr Bonnard have both been suspended from their jobs.
Warwickshire Police said the three were arrested on Wednesday and taken to a North Yorkshire police station to be interviewed.'


Captain Con O'Sullivan
04-08-2011, 02:49 PM
Wonder if there's a new internal investigations unit operating? Seems to be an awful lot of clearouts happening lately- from the Met and other regional forces.

That Andy Hayman from the hacking investigation interested me particularly as I noticed his apparently meteoric rise from Norwich chief constable to the anti-terrorism unit at the Met in London and he was even being spoken of as a fastracker to the Met Commissioner job at one time and this was over a three or four year period- until he was busted over using his force credit card for entertaining his girlfriend and had to step down.

Cressida Dick is being spoken of now as Met Commissioner because of her ability to wear knickers rather than boxers or y-fronts it would appear. She was the senior officer in charge of the Stockwell operation where Jean-Charles De Menezes was shot dead by a bunch of clowns who then lied about the circumstances of his death.