View Full Version : Anti-Corruption Protests in China

C. Flower
16-06-2011, 10:39 AM
Last night there were reports of protests in Belarus being driven off the streets by police.

Today China, over local government corruption.

We seem to be in a period of rising levels of direct political action by populations globally.


16-06-2011, 05:01 PM
As long as the mongrel Communist Party runs that country, the people will continue to get the shaft.

C. Flower
18-12-2011, 01:42 AM
The villagers in Wukan have been protesting against corrupt sales of their lands.

ŒŽ!ŒŽ!€ˆŒ€‰A - YouTube

wukan1_HOLD.flv - YouTube

The village has been surrounded by State forces.

The people are demanding the return of the body of one of their leaders, Xue Jinbo, who was killed in jail in the few days.


C. Flower
18-12-2011, 02:39 AM
Good little 2 minute subtitled report on the village uprisings and strikes in Southern China
Netizens and microblogs feature, as well as banners and sledgehammers.

【禁闻】乌坎村抗争未完 龙头村再*竿起义 - YouTube