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Jolly Red Giant
14-06-2011, 09:44 PM
Socialist Party/ULA MEP, Paul Murphy is organising a series of public meetings around the city focusing on the issues of unemployment, emigration and the attacks on the JLC rates of pay.

I believe this is an appropriate move and a welcome initiative from Paul Murphy

The purpose of the meetings is to initiate a broad campaign of workers, unemployed people and young people to fight for a decent future for all:

• Reverse the cuts in the dole
• Full dole for everyone – no youth exemptions
• No harassment of people on the dole
• No to unpaid internships – for real jobs for everyone
• To oppose tens of thousands of young people being forced to emigrate.
• For the state to take on apprentices so they can finish their time.
• For a 35 working week to create tens of thousands of jobs
• To demand the right to a job for everyone and major state investment in major infrastructural projects to create jobs.
• To fight for decent wages and conditions for all workers.

The meetings have taken place in Finglas and Artane over the past few days and the next meetings are -
Phibsboro: Wednesday 15 June, Doyle’s Pub at 8pm
Donaghmede: Monday 20 June, Donaghmede Inn at 8pm

For more information see-
Public Meetings: Jobs not Dole! | Paul Murphy MEP (http://www.paulmurphymep.eu/public-meetings-jobs-not-dole/)

14-06-2011, 09:54 PM
It is approporiate alright, is this going to be confined to Dublin or will the SP be doing meetings/stalls on this across the country? Will the ULA play any role in this? Also, what exactly would a jobs programme focus on in terms of infrastructure? There are alot of people on the dole queues who aren't qualified in construction and alot who have gone to Australia to work in the building sector over there. Cheers I'm just curious to see what's being put forward.

C. Flower
14-06-2011, 10:01 PM
Will you campaign for the young unemployed to be integrated in some way into the Trade Unions ?