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14-03-2011, 10:03 PM
Electorate: 49,757
Turnout: 29,873
Total Valid Poll: 29,629
Quota: 4,233

Peter Robinson MP (DUP) 5635 Votes (19.0%)
Naomi Long (Alliance) 5583 Votes (18.8%)
Reg Empey (UUP) 4139 Votes (14.0%)
Wallace Browne (DUP) 3185 Votes (10.7%)
Dawn Purvis (PUP) 3045 Votes (10.3%)
Robin Newton (DUP) 2335 Votes (7.9%)

This constituency was the surprise result in the Westminster Election 2010, with Naomi Long of the Alliance Party, taking the seat from cuckold incumbent Husband of Iris Robinson
Peter Robinson had gained much sympathy from the public after the revelations about his wife, until the BBC revealed that he had purchased a piece of land from a property developer for 5 and sold it again for 460,000.
The hard core Unionist vote swung surprisingly in favour of the Alliance Party, (That's Unionist with a small 'u' to you and me) who will hope to gain on this and achieve two seat here

Dawn Purvis has resigned from the PUP and will run as an independant, it will be interesting to be see if her codemnation of the murder of Bobby Moffet by Loyalist Paramilitaries last year will effect her popularity

14-03-2011, 10:05 PM

14-03-2011, 10:09 PM
Confirmed candidates for May 2011

Tommy Black: Socialist Party

Judith Cochrane: Alliance Party

Ann Cooper: British National Party

Michael Copeland: UUP

Sammy Douglas: DUP

Brian Ervine: PUP

Martin Gregg: Green Party

Chris Lyttle: Alliance Party

Kevin McNally: Workers Party

Robin Newton: DUP

Niall Donnghaile: Sinn Fein

Dawn Purvis: Independent

Peter Robinson: DUP

Philip Robinson: UUP

Stephen Stewart: Independent

Harry Toan: TUV

Magdalena Wolska: SDLP

06-05-2011, 10:50 PM
1st count

Peter Robinson DUP 9,141 28.3%
Judith Cochrane All 4,329 13.4%
Chris Lyttle All 4,183 12.9%
Sammy Douglas DUP 2,668 8.3%
Robin Newton DUP 2,436 7.5%
Michael Copeland UUP 2,194 6.8%
Dawn Purvis Others 1,702 5.3%
Brian Ervine Others 1,493 4.6%
Niall Donnghaile SF 1,030 3.2%
Philip Robinson UUP 943 2.9%
Harry Toan TUV 712 2.2%
Martin Gregg Others 572 1.8%
Ann Cooper Others 337 1.0%
Magdalena Wolska SDLP 250 0.8%
Tommy Black Others 201 0.6%
Kevin McNally Others 102 0.3%
Stephen Stewart Others 46 0.1%

Peter Robinson elected

02-05-2015, 10:39 AM
Candidates for 2015

Ross Brown

Alliance Party
Naomi Long

Mary Muldoon

Sinn Fin
Niall Donnghaile

Gavin Robinson

Neil Wilson

Naomi Long won this seat for Alliance last time in an unrivalled shock result which dumped DUP leader Peter Robinson out of Westminster. Many feel the entire 'Fleg' emergency was driven by the DUP trying to oust her by blaming Alliance for the flag being removed from City Hall 24/7/365.

The DUP have gone for Gavin Robinson (No relation) who was a well respected Lord Mayor but who hasn't covered himself in the same glory during this campaign. Shamefully, the UUP have stood aside to give him a free run but despite predictions to the contrary, Naomi should still be well in the hunt.