View Full Version : UUP candidate in row over gay slur

27-02-2010, 11:25 AM

UUP candidate in row over gay slur

David Cameron’s Conservative Party could by left blushing after his political allies in Northern Ireland selected a councillor accused of homophobia to stand in the General Election.
Adrian Watson has been chosen by his Ulster Unionist constituency association to represent South Antrim in May.

The Antrim mayor caused offence to gay people after saying he would not allow gay and lesbian couples to stay at his bed and breakfast.

“The difficulty would arise because of the logistics of the bed and breakfast — if it was a same sex couple — and because my wife has strong Christian views, she felt it was difficult to facilitate that,” he said on the Stephen Nolan show.

There is no doubt that Many Unionist Political Figures have problems with homosexuality.
So who would the Gay Unionist Community in Northern Ireland vote for? Alliance or not at all.

Business people have long Recognised the spending power of the 'pink pound'

Could Northern Irelands gay Unionist community be persuaded to vote for a UI if they were promised respect and equality?