View Full Version : Your Donations to Haiti - Hard at Work

28-03-2010, 12:18 PM
Word on the street is that the Fine Restaurants, Casino's and Nightclubs in Haiti are BOOMING !

Yes, NGO employees are stimulating pockets of the Haitian economy.

Ah, at least somewhere is on the up.

People in tent camps reeking of sewage are living in areas where prosperous Haitians, foreign aid workers and diplomats come to spend their money and unwind......

.....the revelry at some nightclubs near her home, which are frequented by rich Haitians and foreigners, was now as loud — or louder — than before the earthquake.

The nongovernmental organizations “are flooding the local economy with their spending,”.....

.....Aleksandr Dobrianskiy, the Ukrainian owner of the Bagheera casino here in the hills, smiled as customers flowed in one recent Saturday evening, drinking Cuba Libres and plunking tokens into slot machines.

He said business had never been better, attributing the uptick at his casino to the money coming into Haiti for relief projects.....

.....But when two European relief workers from Doctors Without Borders were abducted outside the exclusive Plantation restaurant......