View Full Version : No CVID for North Korea in 2nd Trump-Kim Summit

27-02-2019, 09:26 AM
1. The second Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi is about 2 hours away. My educated guess is that it will end up as another joke of the century.

In my opinion, the US will fail again in its goal of complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation (CVID) of North Korea whatever "cosmetic" deal is struck at the summit. To denuclearize North Korea is as difficult, if not impossible, as destroying the koramon's egg in one of my political satires.

Small nations like North Korea and Iran can point the way to big countries in how to deal with US hegemony under Donald Trump. Tiny nuts seem to be harder to crack than big pumpkins.


28-02-2019, 10:37 AM
2. In his news conference at Hanoi after his meeting with Kim Jong-un on February 28, Donald Trump revealed that the US and DPRK had abruptly cut short their meeting and walked away without a deal.

The following are some of the details disclosed to journalists:

(a) Kim wants the sanctions to be lifted entirely.

(b) Kim is willing to dismantle Yongbyon if the sanctions are lifted.

(c) Both sides agree to continue meetings in future.

3. Kim proves to be Trump's nemesis in resisting US hegemony. He has given a good lesson to the world on how to deal with the so-called Great Dealmaker.

The failure of the second Trump-Kim summit once again reinforces my view that the US could never achieve its goal of complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation (CVID) of North Korea. In my opinion, North Korea's nuclear programme is as indestructible as the koramon's egg in one of my political satires.

4. A Vietnamese tanker, the Viet Tin 01, arrived just outside the harbour of Nampo on North Korea's western coast on February 25 carrying 2,000 tonnes of gasoline.

It was not immediately clear whether the tanker unloaded cargo at Nampo. Under sanctions imposed by the United Nations, North Korea is heavily restricted in its imports of crude oil and refined petroleum products.

News outlet NK Pro, which monitors North Korea developments, said in a report on Thursday "the transfer would likely push against UN resolutions" under which its fuel imports are restricted.

Source: https://news.yahoo.com/vietnamese-tanker-bound-north-korea-gasoline-cargo-trump-062725354.html