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Saoirse go Deo
04-01-2018, 07:35 PM
An interesting little story emerging in Britain. At first I expected a crackpot illuminati type of story but freemasonry in the British police very much seems a real concern.

Given the Catholic prohibition on joining the freemasons I wouldn't imagine it's an issue in Ireland, or am I wrong? How active are freemasons in Ireland?

A leader of Englandís Freemasons has stepped out of the shadows to say members of the organisation have to be secretive because they are discriminated against.

This week a former leader of the Police Federation, Steve White, said reform in policing was being blocked by Freemasons, and their influence could thwart the progress of women and people from ethnic minorities.

Masons in the police have been accused of covering up for fellow members and favouring them for promotion.
Freemasons leader rejects claim group is blocking police reform


04-01-2018, 09:11 PM
Given the Catholic prohibition on joining the freemasons I wouldn't imagine it's an issue in Ireland, or am I wrong? How active are freemasons in Ireland?

I have witnessed first hand a freemason prosecutor attempt to influence a Judge's decision in a court case involving myself. The prosecutor himself was also a police inspector.
The trial adjourned for lunch and the Judge ordered that there be no contact between prosecuting witnesses or ''schooling'' of witnesses by the prosecution. At that stage i was on a high as witness after witness was discredited by expert witnesses on my own behalf.

As i exited the court i noticed one witness being called back by police and when i returned from lunch i notified my lawyer.

The case resumed with the key witness again taking the stand. After a quick fire round the witness was asked....'' Who told you what to say here today?'' No-one she replied. She was then asked in quick succession... ''Who told you what not to say?'' She pointed at the prosecutor.

Any learned Judge would have halted the trial long before and i knew i was being railroaded. The game was to get me into the witness box and catch me out on a lie. I had noticed from the paperwork against me that the time of the incident had been altered to an hour later. A trap set surrounding the closure time of a local shop.

When i backfired it on the prosecutor he was rattled and his posture changed as he waffled away to the Judge. Being me i interjected and called the prosecutor out for giving a freemasons distress signal to the Judge. [Left thumb extended down the seem of his trousers with right hand above right brow]

In masonary, when that signal is given between masons it's a call for assistance and so the prosecutor was by stealth seeking a guilty verdict even though the evidence was to the contrary.

After a threat to immediately judicial review the case should the judge find me guilty the case was dismissed. It later emerged that the injured party [who i was accused of assaulting] was an ex B special and RUC reserve thrown out of the force for shooting an innocent man with learning difficulties in the back at a checkpoint. A fact not disclosed pre trial but as required by law.

I outed him for animal cruelty during trial, he was later persued through the courts and served 6 months in prison.

A day in the life of Trow.

Count Bobulescu
04-01-2018, 09:37 PM
In the 1980's I once sold 25 cases (300 bts) of "sacramental" wine to a lay person in the border area, whom I suspected was going to jump it across the border, and in return I got what I interpreted to be a masonic handshake. Go Figya! ;)

04-01-2018, 09:52 PM
There is little doubt about Masonic influence in the UK police in the 1970s and 1980s, 99% sure it isn't a conspiracy theory. I didn't realise it was still an issue, but could well be.

On a side-note, the only Mason I know in real life is a Malaysian Muslim, so whatever else can be said of the Masons they are not racist or Islamophobic, it would appear.

Donal Og
05-01-2018, 05:12 PM
They are quite pervasive in the British police forces. But also in local government.Catholics are officially prohibited from membership of secret societies.It didnt stop P2 in Italy mind you.Roberto Calvi was quite possibly a murder victim of this Lodge. Personally I've only met one Catholic mason. He was also a member of the Kildare St. Club , which he told me was the real government of Ireland. Perhaps a bit fanciful... still you never know?

Saoirse go Deo
05-02-2018, 02:24 PM
More freemason going ons...

Freemasons in Westminster ‘should declare membership’