View Full Version : The Fenian Ram 1881 - Relaunched 2015

C. Flower
21-06-2015, 09:48 PM

This weekend’s Irish Maritime Festival in Drogheda saw the launch onto the River Boyne of a large scale replica of “The Fenian Ram” which was built by Clare man John Philip Holland in 1881.Drogheda’s new Mayor, Councillor Paul Bell was present for the event which took place adjacent to the Coastguard Station.The fully operational submarine will later go on display as the centrepiece of a special exhibition on Drogheda’s quayside organised by the Louth County Museum as part of this weekend’s festival.Acknowledged as the father of the modern submarine, Holland – who, in the 1860s was a teacher and Christian Brother – resided in the Brothers’ monastery in Drogheda, now a hotel. In 1873, Holland left both the Christian Brothers and Ireland for America to pursue turning his submarine design into an actual vessel.


A bit more information on the technology of this vessel would be great. Does anyone know any more about the Fenian Ram ?