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C. Flower
22-05-2015, 08:53 AM
Very interesting. What would be the earliest references to Kilmainham ?

Saoirse go Deo
22-05-2015, 04:49 PM
Is there much about the jail riposte? Fair play.

22-05-2015, 08:42 PM
Is there much about the jail riposte? Fair play.

About two thirds of the book is about the Gaol . but the gaol is only there since 1796 . the history of Kilmainham goes back to the mid 600s.


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Very interesting. What would be the earliest references to Kilmainham ?

Page 3 Saint Mhaighneann.
Page 5 Kilmainham, Islandbridge and Inchigore.
Page 23 The Knights Templar at Kilmainham.
Page 25 Sale of Old Kilmainham Gaol.
Page 27 Islandbridge Temperance Society
Page 29 Dan Donnelly's Funeral at Kilmainham
Page 31 Roger Outlaw at Kilmainham
Page 33 The Priors of Kilmainham
Page 35 The Battle of Kilmainham
Page 38 Calico Printing Works at Islandbridge
Page 39 The Prior of Kilmainham Accused of Heresy
Page 45 John Bully Egan & Bully's Acre
Page 47 Opening of 1st Lock of Grand Canal at Kilmainham
Page 58 St. Jude's Parish Kilmainham
Page 64 Origins of the Railway in Inchicore
Page 69 The 1916 Executions in Kilmainham Gaol
Page 82 The Women in Kilmainham Gaol
Page 84 The National Memorial Park at Islandbridge
Page 87 Vikings in Kilmainham Cemetery
Page 88 General Dilkes and Bully's Acre
Page 89 Old Kilmainham Mill
Page 91 Charles Macklin Actor at Islandbridge
Page 97 The Most Famous House in Kilmainham
Page 99 Robert Emmet and Kilmainham
Page 104 The Great Fire at Kilmainham Gaol.
Page 106 The Royal Hospital Kilmainham
Page 107 The Invincibles and Kilmainham
Page 109 Investigation into Proselytism and Cruelty at Kilmainham?
Page 118 Report to The House of Lords on Conditions in Kilmainam Gaol
Page 122 Kilmainham Visited November 1861
Page 126 The Kilmainham Meeting 1820 with Cloncurry, O'Connell and Curran
Page 131 The Lunatic Asylum at Islandbridge
Page 133 Discussion in Parliament on Suspension of Habeas Corpus at Kilmainham 1803
Page 136 Henry Joy McCracken in Kilmainham Gaol
Page 142 Charles Stewart Parnell and The Kilmainham Treaty.
Page 146The Unfortunate James Annesley
Page 159 Corruption Inquiry in Kilmainham Gaol
Page 331 List of Governors of Ireland

C. Flower
22-05-2015, 11:35 PM
700 A.D. so. Thanks.

It looks idyllic.

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only a few days to go

Saoirse go Deo
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Would love to attend riposte but have to work on Friday and can't make it back in time. Might try and send someone for me to pick up one at the discounted price though! :D

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The Governor of Kilmainham Gaol speaks at the Great Book launch


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Riposte at the Great Book launch.


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He thinks it's a great book.


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Well done Riposte and it's great to see you about the place.

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Is there a discounted version available now? Why the re post riposte....;)