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28-02-2014, 04:04 PM
Purpose of this thread is to show the internal issues and strife and how inept British army is when not at war. Please use the thread for posting of issues relating to issues in army internally.


Homophobia in the British army

The British Army is investigating a series of homophobic and threatening remarks made by a soldier in response to a teenager who claims to have been subjected to a vicious homophobic attack.

Posting to a public Facebook profile under the name ‘Dean Venno’, Infantry Rifleman Dean Ventre, said he was “sick of gay lads posting pictures of them[selves]“, following violent homophobic attacks.


Bullying which lead to attempted suicide. Reflection of corporals pulling rank?

A former British private is suing the Ministry of Defence over allegations the army allowed severe bullying which led to him attempting to take his own life five times.

said that he received death threats and was stabbed in the leg at the height of constant abuse centred on his stutter but that officers laughed off the threats and no one was punished.


Cases of bullying in the British arm have spiked....