View Full Version : Labour Court recommends end to HSE action

06-05-2010, 12:17 AM
The Labour Court has recommended that employees in the Health Service Executive should immediately cease their industrial action, which has paralysed financial administration of the organisation for the last three months.

In a recommendation issued this evening, Labour Court Chairman Kevin Duffy also says that health staff belonging to the IMPACT trade union should continue to enjoy guarantees of jobs for life contained in a Framework Agreement concluded in 2004 when the HSE was set up.

IMPACT had sought assurances that the Croke Park agreement on public sector pay and reform would not dilute those pre-existing guarantees of permanent job security granted to their members when they transferred from Health Boards to the HSE in 2004.

Mr Duffy indicated that the 2004 Framework Agreement would continue to have full force and effect unless and until it is terminated by agreement between management and the union.

He also noted that the terms of the 2004 deal could only be amended by a subsequent collective agreement binding both parties, including any agreement affecting the entire public service.

However, he acknowledged that certain provisions of the 2004 agreement would have to be adapted to be compatible with the Croke Park agreement if it is ratified.


The HSE had claimed that they dont know where they stand with their budget due to these staff being on strike so it is good to see that it seems to be resolved with everyone's needs being met.