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02-06-2013, 07:43 PM
Nothing like an old fashioned British sex scandal for entertainment value.

The Mail on Sunday (http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/mailonsunday) has published one of the most intriguing of splashes. On a day when the news agenda has been dominated by cash-for-questions newspaper stings (in The Sunday Telegraph (http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/sunday-telegraph) andSunday Times (http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/sundaytimes)), the Mail's story has tended to pass under the radar.

"David Cameron has held crisis talks at Downing Street after being told of allegations of a sensational love affair which has potentially significant political implications for him.

Of course, it could be nothing more than journalistic hype, but I somehow doubt that. It's not in the nature of the MoS editor, Geordie Greig (http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/geordie-greig).So what's it all about? What "legal reasons" prevent us from knowing more? Is there an injunction in place, an anonymised injunction possibly?
I have asked and, as yet, no answers. I would guess that the MoS's lawyers have advised those in the know to say no more.

Mick Tully
02-06-2013, 08:22 PM
Would this have anything to do with McSavage and Quarres.

02-06-2013, 08:34 PM
Think it was Chomsky said you should check your wallet ahead of a 'sex scandal' so you know how much you should have when it's over.

03-06-2013, 12:34 AM
The British media have a tried and tested method of honouring injunctions banning revealing identities while dropping enough clues to let the cat out of the bag when you read between the lines. One of the most famous involved letting the reader know the adulterer in the story was Paddy Ashdown by 'accidentally' running a picture of him in an unconnected context just beside the story. So simply watch any reportage for things like what pictures are used, what parallels are drawn, what timelines are implied, etc. In heavily legalled stories, every word and every syllable will be there for a reason. If something in the coverage appears irrelevant, then it is the actually the key bit of the jigsaw - meaning that they had to get that name, or office, or fact mentioned, but couldn't mention the real reason, so have dreamt up some lame excuse to get the name or information in anyway. So if in a mythical story to get in the picture of the then Taoiseach they use the then Taoiseach at the opening of some event with his twin brother, they are hinting, wink, wink, that the person at the heart of the story of the twin brother. They would have had thousands of photos of the Taoiseach to use but used that one - for a reason.

04-06-2013, 01:25 PM
Those tories..

Tongues are wagging for the second time this week over the identity of politicos involved in an alleged sex scandal. Last week a certain Tory MP was talking in support of “traditional marriage”, now he is fighting allegations that he and his wife groped their lesbian maid and tried to have a threesome with her. She is now suing them for sexual discrimination, unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal. Neither party can be named:


04-06-2013, 01:45 PM
Tories are good at dropping embarrassing colleagues like hot potatoes.

04-06-2013, 03:07 PM
There is not much they can do now that a storm is brewing. One MP Nigel Evans has already been placed under arrest on allegations of male rape and then another one is under suspicion of cash for questions. Why do we never get any intereting sex scandals in the Dail? Then again the thoughts of some of our ministerial ministers cosying up would make me sick.

04-06-2013, 09:37 PM
I think the public school "fagging" system and other practices can lead to interesting sexual proclivities in adults who often make it to positions of power and authority. Think Catholic Church...with less guilt...

04-06-2013, 09:40 PM
Btw, nothing like a loud and vocal support of traditional marriage to bring the sex scandals out of the closet! Ooh, back to basics all over again. Snigger

Mick Tully
04-06-2013, 11:41 PM
Do they get a degree in buggery, or do they have to go on to further their education, in some other institution like MI5/MI6 or go abroad to the Kincora Boys home.

06-06-2013, 03:52 PM
Btw, nothing like a loud and vocal support of traditional marriage to bring the sex scandals out of the closet! Ooh, back to basics all over again. Snigger