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C. Flower
03-02-2013, 09:51 PM
People here may remember Mark Stone, who was a spy and agent provocateur working as an "activist" in left, community and environmental groups across Europe (including Ireland)

The Guardian is breaking a story today, on how British agents use the identities of dead children. Kind of shocking, in a way, but much less shocking than what they do under these identities, if Stone is anything to go by.


Anyone know this man ?


Two undercover officers have provided a detailed account of how they and others used the identities of dead children. One, who adopted the fake persona of Pete Black while undercover in anti-racist groups, said he felt he was "stomping on the grave" of the four-year-old boy whose identity he used.

"A part of me was thinking about how I would feel if someone was taking the names and details of my dead son for something like this," he said. The Guardian has chosen not to identify Black by his real name.

The other officer, who adopted the identity of a child who died in a car crash, said he was conscious the parents would "still be grief-stricken". He spoke on the condition of anonymity and argued his actions could be justified because they were for the "greater good".

Both officers worked for a secretive unit called the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), which was disbanded in 2008.

A third undercover police officer in the SDS who adopted the identity of a dead child can be named as John Dines, a sergeant. He adopted the identity of an eight-year-old boy named John Barker, who died in 1968 from leukaemia. The Met said in a statement: "We are not prepared to confirm nor deny the deployment of individuals on specific operations."

03-02-2013, 09:58 PM

Since then dozens of SDS officers, including those who posed as anti-capitalists, animal rights activists and violent far-right campaigners, have used the identities of dead children.

One document seen by the Guardian indicates that around 80 police officers used such identities between 1968 and 1994. The total number could be higher.
I remember this from Day of the Jackal. Amazing that it's still being used.

03-02-2013, 09:59 PM
Fredrick Forsythe covered it in "Day Of The Jackal". Perhaps the Gruaniad only found out about it now? :)


C. Flower
03-02-2013, 10:06 PM
The most hilarious aspect is the "we stopped doing that in 2008" line.
They used to run with a "we never sleep with the enemy" myth, until "Stone" and "Viner"s
girlfriends told their stories.