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Jolly Green Giant
20-12-2012, 02:20 AM
Nice to see a politician working 24/7 and on 92k(?) a year has his priorities in place. If he had put as much effort into voting No to the cut in the carers allowance as he has into his campaign against cable ties in the town of Skerries I would be impressed.

Fingal Independent

THE SKERRIES Branch of the Labour Party has been doing its bit for the local Tidy Towns effort and climbing lamp-posts to remove cable ties left hanging after the recent referendum campaign.

Branch Development Officer, Geoff McEvoy, said that this was a small contribution towards complementing the great work of the Skerries Tidy Towns and everyone who works to keep Skerries one of the tidiest towns in Ireland.

He said: 'The Labour Party in Dublin North has always made sure to remove its own ties when taking down posters, but after a General Election, Presidential Election and two referendums in less than two years there are a lot of left over ties from other groups' posters.

'So we decided to do a bit to help out the Tidy Towns and keep our streets looking clean.' Mr McEvoy said that the he would be out taking down ties over the coming weeks with Labour TD and Skerries resident, Brendan Ryan, and that if anyone spots a cable tie they have missed they can contact him at [email protected]

and this isn't a one off, this man has waged a war on cable ties in the past.


March 15 2011
Deputy Brendan Ryan stated, “We’ve made every effort to remove our own cable ties, in tandem with taking down the posters, and are confident that we have been successful in that. However, the local organisation and I have taken the decision to get out in our branch areas and begin to clear away cable ties left by other candidates, those remaining after wind-removed posters, and any old ones from previous years.

“This has been the practice of the Skerries Labour Party branch over the years, in solidarity with the local Tidy Towns Group, but now we are going to extend it as much as possible across the constituency, particularly in our towns and villages.”

Actually says more about the inefficient local operation that Labour have that they seem to not know how many signs, location and cable ties they use in each vote campaign. Don't these guys keep track of expenses? When will we see Brendan on a ladder outside Skerries town limits removing cable ties?