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Today in history: 26 July 1916

Herbert Norkus was born on this date into a working class family in the Tiergarten district of Berlin. He joined the Marine-Hitlerjugend. His father had been wounded in World War I, and supposedly had Communist sympathies. The official Nazi biographies of Norkus claimed his father initially opposed his son's Nazi activities but was ultimately converted and became a Nazi too.
Clashes between the Hitlerjugend and the Communist youth movement (Rote Jungfront) were becoming increasingly common as the Nazi Party and the Communist Party struggled for power in the waning days of the Weimar Republic.
His comrades nicknamed him “Quex” because ”he carried out orders faster than quicksilver” (German: Quecksilber).
On January 24, 1932, 15-year-old Herbert Norkus and other Hitlerjugend members were distributing leaflets advertising an upcoming Nazi rally. The group was confronted by Communists. Norkus fought them off and ran to a nearby house for help. A man answered and slammed the door in his face, presumably because he saw the other boys. Norkus was then stabbed six times by the pursuing Communists. He banged on another door, which was answered by a woman who tried to get him to a hospital. However, he died on arrival.
Writer Karl Aloys Schenzinger made Norkus into a role model for the Hitler Youth in a popular Nazi novel, Der Hitlerjunge Quex (1932). In 1933, it was made into a film directed by Hans Steinhoff, with Heinrich George in a leading role as the boy's father. The novel was required reading for all members of the Hitler Youth. The part of Heinrich Völker (based on Norkus) was played by Jürgen Ohlsen.



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