View Full Version : NHS privatisation: Compilation of financial and vested interests.

20-02-2012, 10:40 AM
The financial and vested interests of MPs and Lords in private healthcare. The question must be asked. Are they public servants or corporate servants?

Social Investigations (http://socialinvestigations.blogspot.com/2012/02/nhs-privatisation-compilation-of.html)

The list is long and not a total surprise - but it's handy to have the list compiled in one place.

There's no doubt that all the people on this list are set to profit from NHS 'reforms'.

20-02-2012, 11:24 AM
I believe that will be the way of our own health service and that as much as possible will be farmed out to private companies or to health insurance companies.

Governments everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs and balance the books. Health by its very nature is expensive, tests, staff costs, hospital charges administration etc.

FG ran on an election promise of a Dutch model of health care, but what that effectively means is that everyone will pay health insurance with the least well off being subsidised to a certain extent by the government.

Choice will be restricted to whatever insurance companies are within the market and while a basic insurance plan will be offered to 'consumers' there are supplementary topup policies available.

In the Netherlands, the insurance companies can own and operate the facilities offering care. If that's not a form of private health care then what is. And does that mean that the deduction from my salary for PRSI(pay related social insurance) will no longer be deducted.