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I do enjoy when you storm the forum with a flurry of whacky - if formulaic - threads/posts.

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I reckon we should disband the French Empire while we're at it- end the oppression of the Bretons, Picards, Occitan, Alsacien and Basque peoples whose identities are suppressed and officially degraded. What do you reckon OP? How should we go about disbanding the Chinese empire? By force? Good luck with that.

C. Flower
12-02-2012, 06:21 AM
Tipperary for the Tipps.

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Tibet is an on going concern. Since 1950 some one million Tibetans are thought to have died since the Chinese occupation of their lands. The Chinese government has a campaign of fighting seperatists using quite heavy handed tactics and most of the protestors are monks (and by virtue of being Buddhist are usually peaceful). Some of the republicans on here should bear in mind that the struggle against an imperial power is a cause that is not unique to them nor their fore fathers but a commonality to a lot of nations that are being suppressed around the world...

12-02-2012, 01:02 PM
Ordinary people are not bothered where their seat of government lies as long as they can live with dignity and freedom. The Chinese Communist Party leaders are an unaccountable dictatorship in charge of a police state with nothing but disregard for ethnic cultures. It is doomed in the 21st century.

Sam Lord
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Who gets the uninhabited bits?

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For a minute I thought this thread was about Chinese take-aways .... sorry ... I'll go check out some other threads.

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Urban/eastcoast China is the Germany of their eurozone. Tibet is their Greece. Same economic-governmental model. Until now we've just had less violent oppression of the poor.

Count Bobulescu
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Relax! I'm on the case.

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+1 fluffy no gives a **** anymore
money talks



You have been asked already what are your thoughts on those oppressed by Western nations. Do you support the Bretons and the Basques in their fight for freedom from the French state? Have you ever raised your voice, as I and several others have, on behalf of the natives of the Federal republic of Mari-El in Russia, where the majority are experiencing degradation of their language and culture at this very moment?

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With respect, Cruimh, you scattergun so much with disjointed graphics and statistics, usually riddled with typos, that I find it very hard to figure out what your argument is, or whether you have one at all. And your posts merrily mix languages and ethnicities (I'm thinking of a couple of maps you posted a week or two back) as if they were equivalent.

The history of China's interaction with all of those areas you name is long and complex, and isn't represented in any of your posts that I've seen.

Those border regions full of koreans in china should really be handed back to Korea

Why? There's a long history of warfare and/or cultural influence connecting China with the kingdoms who ruled the landmass now inhabited by people called Koreans.

The other TIbet a great piece here in NATOGEO where they show how the Han
are conquering the muslim land sof XINjang with immigration of han chinese.

The "muslim lands of Xinjiang" as you call them, had a substantial sprinkling of Han people centuries before Islam was founded. It was, in fact, only at the Battle of Talas in 651 CE that Chinese expansion into central Asia was halted when the Chinese armies (under a Korean general, if I remember correctly), were defeated by a muslim army heading east. (incidentally, it was through Chinese captives taken at that battle that the technology of papermaking spread to the middle-east, and thence to Europe.) Both armies retired, for different reasons, and the area was largely left to the nomads. Among those nomads were the ancestors of today's Tibetans, and they conquered and pillaged the Chinese capital at Changan on at least one occasion.

I'm not presenting that as an argument as to why China shouldn't grant greater autonomy, or even independence, to those areas. I'm just suggesting that there's at least two thousand years of relevant history there, which you're ignoring, and disjointed data-points don't make an argument.

04-03-2012, 04:15 PM
Tibetan woman set herself on fire in southwestern China on Sunday to protest against Chinese rule, a Tibetan rights group said, the latest in a series of self-immolations that signal growing unrest in the Tibetan areas of China.