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  1. MRBI Poll puts Labour in the Lead
  2. Voting Rights in Ireland and Registering to Vote - GE
  3. Is it your Civic Duty to Vote
  4. The March of the Lemmings
  5. General Election to be postponed until March/April 2011?
  6. A letter to TDs and candidates
  7. Adams Resigns as MP - George Galloway to Run in West Belfast ?
  8. Jackie Healy-Rae considering running for President.
  9. RTE to run Cat Pox for President
  10. Adams Says Citizens in the North Should Get a Vote in the Presidential Elections: Poll
  11. Michael D going for Presidency for Labour
  12. Gay Mitchell Believes Women Should Not "Sneak Off" To Other Countries To Have Abortions
  13. Crowley now not seeking FF nomination.
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  17. Polling station staff
  18. The final debate
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  20. 29th and 30th Amendments to the Constitution: How did you vote on October 27th 2011? - Inquiries Amendment Defeated
  21. The Naked Presidential Election, RTE 1 Wed 9th @ 9.35pm
  22. 14/02/12 - Report to Ceann Comhairle Re Presidential Election of 27 October 2012