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  1. The Deaths of Children in Care in Ireland
  2. Alan Shatter - Questions for the HSE on 37 Deaths of Children
  3. Cathal Magee Appointment as CEO of the HSE
  4. Man with Psychiatric Illness Slept in Jail Car Park on Release
  5. Health Service Cuts - Please Post them Here
  6. Louth A and E Closes Today - Your Thoughts ?
  7. Health Budget to be Slashed by Substantially More than 600 million next year
  8. Children Could Be Left Blind Over Cutbacks
  9. Merlin Park to close??
  10. hse new low......weighing soiled incontinence pads!!!!
  11. Nelligan - National Childrens' Hospital Site - Wrong Site Picked for Political Reasons
  12. Letterkenny health cuts march today
  13. Ireland's weak economy provokes new abortion crisis
  14. HSE - Hip Replacement Device Recall
  15. Galway, Mayo and Roscommon failed in Vaccine program
  16. Navan Hospital to Close with Loss of 200 Jobs ? INMO Demonstration Today
  17. Slap On The Wrist For Wrong Kidney Doctors
  18. Patients at risk as third of HSE staff qualifications unverified
  19. The 50 Cent Prescription Charge - Tax on the Poor and Sick
  20. HSE audit. Fas all over again?
  21. HSE report - Skill Programme 2009
  22. Death of heart surgeon Maurice Nelligan. R.I.P.
  23. Shine report NOT to be made public!!!!
  24. Roscommon Childcare case.
  25. More Job Losses in the HSE - Early Retirement Severance Terms Announced
  26. Swine Flu - It's back
  27. Are we headed for fully privatised healthcare? FG's Health Policy
  28. Sara Burke's suggestions for cuts in health
  29. Primetime Monday 11 December 2010
  30. Why are we so slow to take the care of children seriously??
  31. Record on trolleys!!
  32. Big VHI increases will add costs to public health system
  33. Mary Harney offers to resign as Health Minister: Total 5 Ministerial Resignations
  34. Is This An Example Of Over-Administration?
  35. How does someone die of hypothermia at home in Ireland in 2011?
  36. Mary Harney health legacy from 1997-2010.
  37. Nepotism: HSE keeps it in the family
  38. Can someone explain Universal Health Insurance (UHI), please?
  39. A&E bed queues -'Crisis Deepens'
  40. Questions FG and LP must answer on Health before you vote for them
  41. MRSA Wound Therapy Working Well
  42. How can this be justified?
  43. What is the slyest thing you've ever done?
  44. Teenage alcohol deaths rise: Industry resists regulation
  45. New Minister for Health...old corruption.
  46. Minister to ask HSE Board to resign
  47. OECD report on families
  48. Is the IMF/EU Deal Bad for our Health? - Survey Reveals Rise in Symptoms of Stress
  49. Cork maternity services under threat?
  50. Minister John Perry Hangs Up on Ocean FM Over Cancer Service Cuts - Audio
  51. Sligo's Cancer Services & the Illusion of 'Democracy'
  52. A&E cutbacks will endanger lives --Roscommon -- Portlaoise -- Mallow -- Mid Western ---- Loughlinstown
  53. Ireland is no place to be elderly or young
  54. Ireland Has One of the Highest Drug Mortality Rates in Europe Says UN Report
  55. Ecoli outbreak traced to vegetables from ISRAEL according to a report?
  56. surgical instruments-Ireland, how safe are we under the knife?
  57. If the wealthier had no access to private health-care...would we then have an equal system of health-care for all?
  58. Personal Plea for Jack Aged 4
  59. HIQA inspectors never visited Roscommon hospital
  60. Go To A/E Now. It's Urgent! Yeah!
  61. HSE Head of Child Care Says that HSE is no more accountable than the Church
  62. Be a man: ring 999
  63. Government will sell our Healthcare for next to nothing
  64. HSE interviews
  65. Health Hazard! What's Hiding Under Your Keyboard ??
  66. HSE: 35 Dead Children
  67. Has the Health Service Gone Mad - Sick Babies Pay for the Crisis
  68. Nursing Home Residents Take HSE to Court Over Closure
  69. James Reilly :(
  70. Doctor warns of Fatalities if HSE fails to Replace Midwives - Dr Burke is also Chairman of Labour Party Limerick
  71. Cottage Hospital Drogheda
  72. Nees another 2 million rebranding
  73. Germany targets Portuguese nurses in recruitment drive. Are Irish nurses next?
  74. Five deaths in five days at Donegal nursing home
  75. Cancer Patients Refused Pain Control Treatment Due to Cuts
  76. New boss at the Department of Health (and general DoH/HSE thread)
  77. Secret billionaire to invest in Primary Care ?
  78. Have private sector bods supporting gov policy and programmes applied for public sector jobs
  79. Symphysiotomy - What Should Be Done ? UPDATE - Survivors demand Reilly's resigns
  80. Doctors Visits
  81. Justice and Fairness for People Damaged by Thalidomide - Will FG Stand by The Programme for Government on Compensation?
  82. Failing upwards: Harney appointed to board of health company
  83. Generic Pharmaceutical Drugs 12 Times More Expensive in Ireland as UK - Why?
  84. Home Helps and Personal Assistants - Cuts and Conditions - What's the Story ?
  85. The Closing of the HIV Unit at Cherry Orchard Hospital - Ill Thought Out...
  86. Health Minister Reilly's "Stroke Politics"
  87. Roisin Shortall has resigned as junior minister for Health
  88. European Depression Day
  89. James Reilly says he misled many will say he lied
  90. Heroin Use in Women Grows - And Our Only Mother and Child Drug Treatment Unit faces Closure
  91. Thousands Dying of Hunger, Thirst and Bedsores in NHS Care - Is it happening Here ?
  92. International Day of Protest for Legal Abortion in Ireland
  93. Expert Group on Abortion Report on A,B,C. Publication and Political Solutions
  94. Government to Vote on X-Case Legislation - Dail Rally of Support
  95. Demonstration in Galway - Legislate for X Now! Saturday, December 1, 2012 2:00pm
  96. Supplementary Health Budget to be Announced - 4th December
  97. Savita Halappanavar investigations
  98. Maternal Deaths in Ireland Twice as High as Reported
  99. Reilly V Ombudsman : Mobility Allowance and Motorised Transport Grant
  100. SIPO Enquiry Into The Life Institute
  101. INMO Calls on Graduate Nurses to Boycott New Short Term Contracts
  102. Everybody to pay 1,000 a day for a bed
  103. Lift the Gay Blood Donor Ban
  104. The Incredible Lunacy Of Junior / Non Consultant Doctors Shifts Update: One Day Strike Called
  105. Water Fluoridation: the argument is over. We have to stop this deadly practice right now.
  106. Waterford Regional Hospital Goes to Force a Caesarian on Woman- "Rights of Unborn" Case
  107. Should doctors be vetted for religious views prior to being hired?
  108. Pirfenidone and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
  109. Reilly Proceeds with Health Care Carve Up - Six Regional "Trusts" and Universal (Private) Health Insurance
  110. Abortion Legislation Criminalises Abortion More than in the 1861 Act
  111. Revenue, SDU and the Department
  112. Inquest into the death of Bimbo Onanuga
  113. Removing religious influence from Irish Hospitals - The Current Situation,History and How to remove it
  114. Irish times claims thousands inelligible for medical card but HSE Differs.
  115. 350,000 people in Ireland on Statins - Italian Diet More Effective - Are we Nuts ?
  116. The Future of Health Insurance and Health Service Funding
  117. Letter: GP Services at Serious Threat
  118. "I Want to Know Who I Am" - Mother and Baby Homes and Adoptions in Ireland
  119. Three Irish Women Take Case to UN over Forced Travel for Terminations for Medical Reasons
  120. Consultant & care of 20 female patients under review
  121. John Crown accuses St Vincent's of fraud and cover up over drug sales
  122. We are not here yet,but close
  123. New approach to new posts, no one is applying
  124. New Child and Family Agency launched - but will it be a one-stop-shop for excuses?
  125. Three Hiqa board members resign over potential conflicts of interest
  126. Portlaoise Maternity Service Report - It's About Avoidable Deaths, Not Bad Manners
  127. Rehab - Is it Fit for Purpose ?
  128. A case for the postponement of Hse abolition
  129. Clear A&E the Minister is Arriving!
  130. What's going on in the west? Health Partnership and James Reilly
  131. Limerick Hospital Staff to take Industrial Action over Corporate Governance and Excessive Executive Salaries
  132. Pregnant woman refused abortion gives birth by Caesarean
  133. Should the Baby have been killed?
  134. Hepatitis C - State Murder to Continue ?
  135. Whistleblower in Department of Health
  136. Stop Out of Control Drink Companies! Another Board Member Resigns
  137. Ireland's Health Care Ranking .....
  138. Health Inequalities - National Cancer Registry and Other Surveys
  139. Having A Heart Attack in Waterford / South East Ireland - The Herrity Report and its Implications
  140. Tooth Ache
  141. Ownership of health resources
  142. The Cervical Cancer Testing Disaster - Terrible Waste of Lives -
  143. Is Depression a Disease?