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  1. Strange sight
  2. Poetry:- 'The Invitation' and others
  3. Does the Church need a second Reformation?
  4. Ill discipline and disarray in Rome
  5. Justice for the Magdalenes may not be far off
  6. Hans Kung's letter to the Pope.
  7. Religious Orders Wealth Submissions
  8. The 'Hannibal Lecter of the clerical world' -Oliver O'Grady
  9. Code Napoleon versus English Common Law.
  10. UK judge: 'Christianity deserves no privileged place in law'
  11. UK Judge removes electronic tags from great-grandmother
  12. The Shroud of Turin - Is Anyone Convinced ?
  13. Predictions for 2011: 2012: 2013 Illusion is King
  14. No septs please we're Irish
  15. Society at large is paedophile: Catholic Bishop
  16. Arthur Cox, NAMA laywers, One of Europe's Highest Earning Legal Firms
  17. Mass cards for sale
  18. Pseudo-illnesses; Profiting from social anxiety
  19. Vatican to claim bishops are not 'employees'
  20. Praying etc for gay "cure "
  21. Mother jailed over child's death.
  22. Infants buried in unmarked graves - Bethany House
  23. Why atheism will replace religion
  24. Shaking Hands With The Devil
  25. Harbour of Blessed Virgin Mary Harbours Sister Callida
  26. Church discovers Solar System
  27. Bent Bishop gets sold a pup
  28. The Wehrmacht were scared of white lines
  29. Giants Causeway made out of God-Lego
  30. Vatican names team to investigate abuse in Ireland
  31. Vatican to clamp down on questioners
  32. Tune in, turn on and drop to your knees ...
  33. Vatican cardinal faces corruption inquiry over Rome property deals
  34. Poll: 41 percent expect Jesus by 2050
  35. Belgium 1, Republic of Ireland 0
  36. Abuse: Minutes of meeting with Taoiseach 15/04/2010
  37. Council Rules On Housing Sex Offenders
  38. The Belgians Make Washington Look Bad
  39. Civil Partnership Bill passes the Seanad (Commencement Signed 23 Dec 2010)
  40. Human Organ Tour Draws Crowds
  41. Vatican: Women Priests & Clergy Paedophila Equally Evil
  42. Roe V Wade Here To Stay
  43. Jailed Gangland Boss Gilligan uses Bertie Defense
  44. 'That they may face the rising sun'
  45. Is It Time for A Secular Constitution ? Should the Blasphemy Law Be Repealed ?
  46. Criminal Procedure Act - How Many Times Should You Be Tried for the Same Crime ?
  47. Death of G20 protestor. No charges to be brought.
  48. Call to shut down rogue crisis pregnancy agency
  49. Dr Dooley + Maynooth + RCC
  50. Life Without Parole - Catholics find new martyr
  51. A joke on the priest and a nun!!!
  52. Church to burn copies of Koran to mark 9/11
  53. Letterfrack: Reunited after 65 years apart
  54. Do you believe that religion does any good?
  55. Divine retribution: Austrian Bishop indirectly links Love Parade deaths to God
  56. Larry Murphy Released soon. Has the judicial system failed our young women?
  57. Vatican: Faciltators of Child Rapists Need Not Resign
  58. What Is The Vatican's Teachings On Hermaphrodites?
  59. An Appeal to PW Members: Christy Walsh
  60. Sinéad O'Connor vs the Pope - Time to Apologise to Sinéad ?
  61. Some of the World's Happiest Countries are the Least Religious
  62. Most important thinker and book.
  63. I'm Sick and Tired of the Angelus
  64. Should prostitution be legalised?
  65. Hawking - New Book - Universe started Spontaneously - God Not Needed
  66. Ireland's sons turn their backs on the priesthood
  67. Now here's an idea ...
  68. African Pastor: 'Jesus Was An Aids Victim'
  69. Ireland turns its back on popefest.
  70. Establishment of 'The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State'.
  71. RTEs Ramadan Diaries
  72. European Christians to fight off Islam ....
  73. Does peace have limits?
  74. Kilkenny Priest Acting as Witchfinder - Mystic Moira Hits Back
  75. The Blasphemy Collection
  76. Pastor Terry Jones cancels his plan to burn copies of the Holy Quran
  77. More from the Forked Tongue Church-Belgium
  78. No Vaccinations Please, We're Catholics.
  79. Pope speech compares atheist 'extremism' with Nazism
  80. Pseud of the Year 2010 nomination: John Waters
  81. FF District Judge resurrects Oliver Cromwell tactics
  82. Pope apologises for priests' 'unspeakable crimes'
  83. 'Pope bombers' released.
  84. Vatican Bank Money-Laundering Investigation
  85. Martin McGuinness Says Pope May Visit Ireland in 2012
  86. Should halal slaughtered meat be labeled?
  87. The Culture of Getting Away With it
  88. The Cold Light of Death - Capital Punishment in the 21st Century
  89. Catholic Group Linked to Brainwashing? - Surely Not!
  90. Excommunicated for exposing abusing priest - now a saint!
  91. Schoolgirl virginity test plan rejected - Indonesia
  92. Atheists know the most about Religion
  93. Who is Camilla McAleese?
  94. Escaped Monk & Ireland
  95. Vatican official criticises Nobel win for IVF pioneer
  96. The Field.....all over again!!!!
  97. Pope week on facebook.
  98. Conference: Women in the Criminal Justice System
  99. Sectarianism in Scottish football; surely not?
  100. Woman takes crowbar to Jesus artwork
  101. Cult Replica Football Strips fail to sell
  102. Bali Nine shouldn't be guilty - former Supreme Court judge
  103. Vatican to Embiggen Profitable Delusion
  104. EU opens investigation into Vatican subsidies
  105. Dublin Archdiocese: defections from Catholic Church banned under new canon laws
  106. Tony Blair v Christopher Hitchens
  107. Ratzinger faces €9bn bill - not for child abuse cover-up though!
  108. Stopping Degradation of Earth
  109. 86% Father? You've been at the sherry again!
  110. Half Day Seminar on Public Interest Litigation
  111. US 'Happenings' - Zipcode reassignments?
  112. Does the UK have a constitution?
  113. AIDS is 'a sort of intrinsic justice' says Belgian bishop
  114. Socrates clinches Philosophers' World Cup for Greece
  115. high hopes dashed
  116. Publicity coup for the Catholic Church: Homer Simpson is a catholic.
  117. Church to introduce tighter vetting
  118. O'Donnell's ignorance on US Constitution
  119. Church and Morality
  120. Google Through The Dead Sea Scrolls
  121. Law Court: Handbag grabbing by beggars 'a constitutional right' !
  122. Poland: IVF Legislators to be excommunicated?
  123. Extradited priest jailed for 21 years: UK
  124. Human Trafficking in the EU: Now it's child labourers
  125. US 'Happenings' Documents released by judge
  126. The Online Purge of Heretics
  127. The Supernatural
  128. Opening The Gates of Hell - Nominations for Early Release
  129. Chilean 'Happenings'
  130. Spain: Girl (10) gives birth, father is also a child.
  131. Austrian housewives and Angel Dust
  132. Swiebodzin Jesus
  133. Bush: 'Mammy showed me a foetus in a jar' - impacted on his philosophy “That we should respect life'
  134. NIHRC --Chief Executive to go.
  135. Ratzinger and Ahmadinejad to unite in fight against tyrannical structures that govern the planet?
  136. Job Offers: Exorcists Wanted - Men Only Need Apply
  137. Spain: 21,000 child porn images found on priest's computer
  138. Irish priest banned from writing by the Vatican
  139. Call for Barak Obama to free Leonard Peltier --35 years over due.
  140. Catholic Religion Certificate - What Is It?
  141. Ratzinger: Use of Condoms Permissible ... sometimes!
  142. Thou Shalt Not Slur The Royals
  143. Cribs are out this Xmas - Meet Jesus the Foetus, Halo and All
  144. Richard Dawkins and his fireside hate mail
  145. Could Article 27 be our answer???
  146. DPP warns clerical abuse support group to halt calls for prosecution!!
  147. Dilemma, Dilemma. But What Would YOU Do?
  148. Catastrophic change in the world order predicted
  149. A personal philosophical overview of the current state of affairs.
  150. All you need is love or how a hippie celebrates Christmas
  151. Wikileaks Cables - The Vatican refuses to deal with Murphy Commission
  152. Former priest Oliver O'Grady arrested for child abuse images
  153. Chapter 19 of the Murphy Report to be published
  154. Endearingly unelected female favours election quotas
  155. Chapter 19 The Murphy Report "Fr Jovito" - Tony Walsh
  156. Ireland's Human Rights Record under Scrutiny in October 2011
  157. Pope Benedict, BBC Radio 4 "Thought for Today" 24.12.2010
  158. The digital story of The Nativity - the modern-day iPhone/Gmail/Facebook version
  159. Islamic Justice. Happy Christmas.
  160. American charged with hacking after snooping on wife's emails
  161. Ratzinger Calls for Blasphemy Law to be Scrapped
  162. Be Afraid Cardinal Connell - Jeff Anderson Has Arrived
  163. Testify to the Truth-Irish abuse victims demand justice.
  164. Yorkshire Ripper life tariff upheld by courts
  165. Pope John Paul II to be beatified
  166. Holy Shtump Gets Green Card
  167. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes - The Meditation Thread
  168. Is Marian Finucane the Anti-Christ?
  169. New Abuse Scandal To Break in Ireland - Bishop forced to testify?
  170. For Rome, Jerusalem and Canterbury the centre cannot hold
  171. Atheist Dan Dennet Speaks in UCC
  172. The Cult of Self
  173. Lawyers, Nuns & Money: The Redress Board Expenses Festival
  174. 'Now the game is up'
  175. Confession on the Go, New iphone App
  176. NY Times calls for suspension of Statute of Limitations on clerical abusers
  177. Philadelphia cardinal orders investigation of 37 priests
  178. “Does speaking two languages improve your brain?”
  179. Charges initiated against Pope for crimes against humanity
  180. 2012 The End of Days.
  181. Near Death Experience. Anyone had one?
  182. Criminality, is it Genetically inherent or Learned behaviour?
  183. The UFO Files
  184. Euthanasia: The hypocrisy of some.
  185. Walter Benjamin Reading Group
  186. France and the integration of the Muslim community
  187. The Gardaí Do Not Exist To Protect The Individual
  188. How many posters really believe in a God?
  189. Is philosophy dead?
  190. Growing up.
  191. Flags and Emblems
  192. Meme-Death: Measuring the decline of organised religion
  193. The Ongoing Martyrdom of Benedict
  194. Morality
  195. US Jesuits agree to school sex abuse pay-out
  196. Is the RC legally a cult?
  197. High Court Strikes Racist Section From The Immigration Act
  198. Early Judeo/Christian texts discovered
  199. An Bhó Riabhach
  200. The Delusion of Possession
  201. I believe in Angels - Do You?
  202. Get knitting; Father McCabe is feeling the chill
  203. Painful Irish Happenings
  204. Nails used in the crucifixion of Jesus found?
  205. Perspective
  206. Painful Chilean 'Happenings' - Documents seized
  207. The Vastness of the Vatican
  208. Cultural hegemony of neo-liberalism in Ireland
  209. Pope Sacks Australian Bishop for Arguing in Favour of Ordination of Women and Married Men
  210. John Paul 2nd miracles and the GAA.
  211. Offences Against the State Act and it's operation during the Emergency
  212. The only home we've ever known
  213. Laois FG councillor calls for Criminals to be Stripped and Whipped in Public
  214. Germans ruthlessly pursue foreign Nazis
  215. Doomsday May 21, 2011
  216. Vengeance is a lazy form of grief
  217. Back to fish on Fridays- who knew?
  218. 'If you are going to San Francisco ...
  219. Report reveals "causes" of Catholic sex abuse
  220. The spread of evangelical christianity: a case study of Mongolia
  221. Should we have specialised recruitment to the gardaí?
  222. Garda Assistant Chief Commissioner Ned Garvey - Acting for M16 ?
  223. A disturbing case from the past.
  224. When did fraud stop being a crime?
  225. If you've never seen Eurythmy - You should. Drogheda Sat 28th May
  226. The Delusion of Democracy
  227. Ratzinger Suppresses Monastery That Liked To Party
  228. No Communion for Little Boy
  229. families of agnostics and atheists...can they bury their loved ones in Ireland?
  230. World Atheist Convention in Dublin June 2011
  231. Return of the Albanian Blood Feud ...
  232. No Cancer Treatment Please, We're Catholics.
  233. Bertie defence does not work for convicted bank robber
  234. Painful Asian Happenings
  235. Terry Pratchett: Choosing to die
  236. Which would you prefer? Win the argument, or know the truth?
  237. Israeli court sentences dog to be stoned to death, by children!
  238. "Justice" What's the Right Thing to Do?
  239. Blasphemy laws, and consequences.
  240. Vatican pledges to submit UN report, 14 years late
  241. Is Confessional Box a licence for priests to rape, murder even, with impunity?
  242. Lama Lopez's Our Lady causing grave scandal
  243. Geert Wilders acquitted by Dutch Courts
  244. Our Buckley of Cork & Ross
  245. The Catholic Church and sexual abuse Is the church’s response real action — or window dressing?
  246. Senior clergy reject domestic abuse law
  247. Thy Rod and Thy Staff.
  248. Greece - an example of the demise of capitalism
  249. US Catholic Church Denies Funeral For Gay Man
  250. Jesus, the Stone of the Covenant and the missing years.