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  1. U.K. Elections May 6th - Convergence of Labour and Tories
  2. British General Election
  3. Sir Reg For South Antrim
  4. Speculation mounts for a Unionist Unity Candidate in Fermanagh/South Tyrone
  5. TUV take Paisley jnr to court over an election leaflet?
  6. 1st ever Prime Ministerial Debates tonight
  7. The Scottish Nationalist Party - Election Broadcast
  8. Is Nick Clegg Britain's Obama ?
  9. Second UK General Election TV Debate - "live" Video Here
  10. Spoof Cameron Poster
  11. Can someone explain the British General Election to me?
  12. BNP..Old habits die hard
  13. British General Election Farce -All Parties are Lying About the Cuts
  14. Gordon Browns Bigot remarks about voter
  15. UK Summer Emergency Budget - 50 Billion Cuts Coming Straight After Election
  16. The Irish 'are part of Britain' according to the BNP
  17. Clegg Lib Dems Would Create a Border Police Force
  18. Papers desert Labour
  19. Mervyn King Says Cuts Will Put Election Winners Out of Power for A Generation
  20. 'There's no one as Irish as Dave Cameron' - Waterford great-great granny found.
  21. Plaid Cymru Economist Chews Up Paxman
  22. Paddy Power Paying Out on Cameron Victory --Dead Cert?
  23. George Galloway's party Respect.
  24. Good speech by Gordon Brown, but is it too late?
  25. Cameron and the common people!
  26. BNP Bob Bailey in punchup with Asians and UKIP Farage in plane crash
  27. Exit poll results
  28. Peter Robinson loses seat
  29. Your reflections on the results of the Northern elections
  30. Up and coming UK politicians
  31. Polling Station Chaos - Queues and Ballot Paper Shortage - wtf ?
  32. Clegg Says Cameron Has "First Right" to Form Government
  33. Are the days of the United Kingdom coming to an end?
  34. The British Con/Lib Coalition
  35. The Prime Mentalist?
  36. William Hague's special advisor resigns over hotel room 'misunderstanding'
  37. 10 O'Clock Live on Channel 4
  38. The Alternative Vote referendum in UK
  39. SNP will have majority in Scotland. Seek independence referendum_Scottish Tories to disband?
  40. Hoax over kate's baby - now a tragedy
  41. Watching UK election results